The Charmettes (5) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Clara Byrd

    Mittie Ponder

    Betty Simmons


    Discography :
    Singles :
    1963 - Please Don't Kiss Me Again / What Is A Tear (Kapp 547)
    1963 - Oozi-Oozi-Ooh / He's A Wise Guy  (Kapp 570)
    1965 - (Preacher Man) Stop The Wedding / Sugar Boy (World Artists 1053)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - That Boy Is My Boy  (Kapp)


    Biography :

    The Charmettes, Brooklyn act, consisted of Clara Byrd, Mittie Ponder, and Betty Simmons were handled by writer/producer Kenny Young. In 1963 they recorded "Please Don't Kiss Me Again" For Kapp Records.


     "Please Don't Kiss Me Again" reached #100 for a week in late 1963, but none of their follow-up records for Kapp and United Artists charted. This was the first hit song for Kenny Young, who also managed the band for a while. Kenny is best known for writing the songs "Under The Boardwalk", "Come Back & Shake Me", "Don't Go Into The Rain"...


    Songs :

    Please Don't Kiss Me Again         What Is A Tear               He's A Wise Guy

    Oozi-Oozi-Ooh             (Preacher Man) Stop The Wedding              Sugar Boy



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