• The Pacers (1)
    The Pacers (L to R) : Alfred Harris, Jamie Commodore , Pat Allensworth, Frank Tolliver and James Heffner

    The Pacers (1) (Ford City, PA)


    Personnel :

    James Commodore  (Lead Tenor)

    Alfred Harris (Tenor)

    Patricia Allensworth

    Frank Tolliver (Baritone)

    James Heffner (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - I Wanna Dance With You / I Found A Dream (Calico 101)


    Biography :

    The Pacers, a Ford City singing group is composed of Alfred Harris (Tenor), Jamie Commodore (Lead Tenor), Pat Allensworth (Later with The Arvettes), Frank Tolliver (Baritone) and James Heffner (Bass). The Pacers have been singing for two years before landing a recording contract with Calico Records. Calico Records was a small, Pittsburgh-based label that is best known for breaking the doo-wop group, The Skyliners. Friends Lennie Martin, Lou Guarino, and attorney Al Capozzi founded the Calico Records label i 1958 to record and promote the music of Pittsburgh musicians.

     The pacers will be the first group to record for Calico.  Frank Tolliver composed and arranged two songs for the single. The featured song on the record is « I Found A Dream » a ballad. The other side contains « I Wanna Dance With You » a Rock and Roll number. The Group had recorded two other songs also been composed and arranged by Tolliver for a next record. They will perform at record hop and teenage dance around the Pittsburgh area, they will appeared at the Sherwin Hotel in Pittsburgh and appeared on a television program, the Jay Michael Show.

    Songs :

    I Wanna Dance With You                         I Found A Dream


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