•  Andre Williams & His New Group (2)
    (L to R) : Steve Gaston, Bobby Calhoun, Andre Williams, "One" Riff McGriff (Guitar), Jay Johnson & Geno Parks

    Andre Williams & His New Group (2) (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Andre Williams (Lead)

    Gino Purifoy "Geno Parks"(Tenor)

    Steve Gaston (Second Tenor)

    Bobby Calhoun (Baritone)

    Jay Johnson (Bass)

    Discography :

    Andre Williams & His New Group (2)
    1956 - Bacon Fat /Just Because Of A Kiss (Fortune 831/ Epic 9196)

    Andre Williams bb His New Group (2)
    1957 - You Are My Sunshine / Mean Jean (Fortune 834)

    Biography :

    Prior to "Village of Love," Fortune's biggest-selling record was likely "Bacon Fat" (Fortune 831 and Epic 9196, late 1956) by Andre Williams and His New Group, which featured Williams' proto-rap over a sleazy, bluesy arrangement. "Bacon Fat" (the name of the song refers to a dance) reached No. 9 R&B on the Billboard chart in early 1957 after it was leased to Columbia's Epic subsidiary for national distribution. According to the research of Marv Goldberg, who has interviewed many of the people involved, Bacon Fat did not lead to fame and fortune for all of its participants. For the singing group The 5 Dollars, for whom Andre was supposedly a nominal fifth member, and who had written the tune and sung the backing vocals, it threw fat on the fire in their relationship with Fortune.

     Andre Williams & His New Group (2)    Andre Williams & His New Group (2)

    When the record actually was released, it was no longer Andre Williams and The Five Dollars (or even 'The Don Juans', the pseudonym Andre had encouraged them to adopt for some of their recordings and shows - wearing handkerchief masks) but Andre Williams & His New Group - and the backing voices were somebody else. They belonged to another Detroit group, The Dexatones with Steve Gaston (second tenor), Bobby Calhoun (baritone), and Jay Johnson (bass). The other member of the "New Group" was Andre's friend, Gino Purifoy "Geno Parks". The New Group made several appearances with Andre, including the Flamingo Club in Memphis, and some gigs in Cleveland.

    Songs :

    Just Because Of A Kiss                               Bacon Fat             

    You Are My Sunshine                              Mean Jean          



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