• Andre Williams & His New Group (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Andre Williams (Lead)

    Gino Purifoy (Tenor)

    Steve Gaston (Second Tenor)

    Bobby Calhoun (Baritone)

    Jay Johnson (Bass)

    Discography :

    1956 - Bacon Fat /Just Because Of A Kiss (Fortune 831/ Epic 9196)
    1957 - You Are My Sunshine / Mean Jean (Fortune 834)

    Biography :

    While the Five Dollars had backed Andre Williams on his recordings of "Bacon Fat" and "Just Because Of A Kiss," when those sides were released (in November 1956), the guys found that the songs had been re-recorded and there was a completely different group behind Andre! Billed as "Andre Williams and His New Group," "Bacon Fat" was something the 5 Dollars had written (although, in truth, Andre did work on the lyrics too). However, he had put out the word that he was looking for a "new" group.

    The Five Dollars

    Herman Duffy (first tenor), Steve Gaston (second tenor), Bobby Calhoun (baritone), and Jay Johnson (bass) were a group that called themselves the "Dexatones." Steve and Bobby broke up the group over money that they thought Herman was getting, and Jay kind of backed Herman. One day, Steve and Bobby heard that Andre Williams was looking for some singers, and they went to audition, taking someone else along as bass. Andre liked Steve and Bobby, but not the bass; he told them to find another singer.


    That's when they turned to Jay Johnson again, and he was enthusiastically accepted by Andre. The other member of the "New Group" was Andre's friend, Gino Purifoy. This group also backed Andre on "Mean Jean" (another song which the 5 Dollars had originally recorded with him). The New Group made several appearances with Andre, including the Flamingo Club in Memphis, and some gigs in Cleveland. After Andre formed the "New Group," the 5 Dollars never recorded or appeared with him again.

    Songs :

    Just Because Of A Kiss                      Bacon Fat

    You Are My Sunshine                       Mean Jean

    CDs :



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