• Freddie & Lou
    Fred Parris & Lewis "Lou" Peeples

    Freddie & Lou  (New Haven, Connecticut)
    ref The Five Satins


    Personnel :

    Fred Parris

    Lewis "Lou" Peeples


    Discography :

    1961 - You'll Be Mine Tonight / Rosalie (Thunder 2150 / Astra 1003)


    Biography :

    Fred Parris & Lewis Peeple were part of The Five Satins, best known for their 1956 million-selling song, "In the Still of the Night." After a few singles as the Scarlets, the New Haven quintet know as the Scarlets was called by Uncle Sam. Fred Paris was then stationed in Philadelphia and was able to return to New Haven for weekends. He formed a new group that included Lou Peebles (tenor), Ed Martin (baritone), Stanley Dortch (tenor), and Jim Freeman (bass). Fred wanted a new name since none of these new members had been in the Scarlets. He liked the idea of something soft and red like the Velvets and the Scarlets. The result: the Five Satins.

    Freddie & Lou       Freddie & Lou      Freddie & Lou
    Lewis "Lou" Peeples

    In 1961, after several years punctuated by a few hits, Fred and company decided to keep making name changes until something stuck, so they became the Wildwoods (“When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano,” Caprice) and the New Yorkers, whose “Miss Fine” (Wall) reached number 69 Pop and This is also where Fred Parris & Lewis Peeple recorded "You'll Be Mine Tonight" b/w "Rosalie" as Freddie & Lou. not much recognition there for an act that’s spent five years under another name, so they went back to the Five Satins for one side on United Artists .


    Songs :

              Rosalie                                  You'll Be Mine Tonight


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