• The Beau-Belles  (Bridgeport, Ct.)
    aka The Beau-Bells
     (Picture updated by Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Vicki Pauline

    Maryann Pauline

    Joe Dalla


    Discography :

    The Beau-Belles
    1958 - Honky Tonk Hop / Wonderful You (Arrow 729)
    1959 -  Kissing Cha Cha A Reezee Keela / Promise Me (Colpix 109)
    1959 - Ivy Covered Mission / In The Valley Of The Moon (Colpix 127)

    The Beau-Bells
    1959 - There's Some Hawaiian Lyin' / My Heart Keeps A'Rockin (Planet 1004)


    Biography :

    Trio from Bridgeport composed by the Pauline Sisters (Vicki & Maryann) & Joe Dalla. In 1958, they released a first single for Arrow records in New York "Honky Tonk Hop" with "Wonderful You" (Arrow 729).  With this single, The Trio make many appearances on television and radio around the country. In 1959, The Beau-Belles cut "Kissing Cha Cha A Reezee Keela" / "Promise Me" and  "Ivy Covered Mission" / "In The Valley Of The Moon" for Colpix.


    The Same years, the group  (Misspelled "Beau-Bells") recorded for the short lived New York and and Rhode Island based Planet label .The label's principal claim to fame is having recorded the original version of There's A Moon Out Tonight by The Capris which was subsequently acquired by Old Town.



    Songs :
    (Updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Honky Tonk Hop                           My Heart Keeps A'Rockin

    Wonderful You                              There's Some Hawaiian Lyin'

    Ivy Covered Mission / In The Valley Of The Moon







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