• Paste-up photo : Top : Darlene Wright (Love) Bottom Gloria Jones and Fanita James

    Hannibal & The Angels (4) (Los Angeles)

    aka The Blossons
    aka The Dreamers (3)
    aka The Playgirls (1)
    aka The Coeds (2)
    aka The Rollettes 
    aka The Girlfriends (3)
    Ref Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans



    James T. Shaw (Lead)

    Darlene Wright "Love" (Tenor)

    Gloria Jones (Tenor)

    Fanita James (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1960 - Love Is Funny / Please Take A Chance On Me (Pan World 517)


    Biography :

    "Hannibal", "The Mighty Hannibal" and "King Hannibal" are all pseudonyms for James T. (Jimmy) Shaw. Born James Shaw he started singing doo wop as an Atlanta teenager, and eventually released a string of moderately successful (and generally highly praised) singles for a variety of independent labels.

                                                                                                James T. (Jimmy) Shaw
    Shaw's first group, the Overalls in 1954, included future Pips Edward Patten and Merald Knight. His first notable single as a solo performer (1958's "Big Chief Hug-Um an' Kiss-Um") was released under the name Jimmy Shaw on Concept. Other early singles of note include "Love Is Funny" and "Please Take A Chance On Me" for Pan World . The backing group was The Angels, not the same ones that gained fame years later, but  Fanita James, Gloria Jones and Darlene Wright from the Blossoms.

    Songs :

                 Love Is Funny                       Please Take A Chance On Me


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