• The Galaxies (2)  (Los Angeles, California)
    aka The Royal Galaxies 

    Personnel :

    Hal Hazan



    Discography :

    The Galaxies (2)
    1960 - The big triangle / Until the next time (Capitol 4427)

    The Royal Galaxies
    1960 - Trouble on a Double Date / Over and Done With (Capitol 4488)
    1960 - Zoom Golly Golly (Capitol) (Unreleased)
    1960 - Cinderella Blue (Capitol) (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    Just months after returning from military duty, Capitol Records contacted Al Hazan to see if he knew any group that might be worth recording. Al said he did - that he had such a group already, along with some material. 

    Actually, Al had no group ready - he literally ran across the street where two female friends lived. He asked if they wanted to record some of his songs and the girls were all for it.  Al wrote "The Big Triangle" and made a demonstration record with the girls.

    They took the demo to the people at Capitol, who loved the idea and signed Al and the girls to a recording contract, naming the group "The Galaxies." "The Big Triangle" did well enough on the charts to warrant a follow-up record.

    Al and the girls returned in November, 1960 to Capitol Records' with Tom Morgan, Al's producer, to record four more songs (three of them written by Hazan), although only two were released.  "Zoom Golly Golly," and the song "Cinderella Blue" were not released.

    Because of a conflict with another singing group, Capitol changed the name of the group from "The Galaxies" to "The Royal Galaxies, featuring Al Hazan." The group continued appearing in various cities around the U.S., doing TV interviews and special concert appearances to promote their two records.


    Songs :

    The Galaxies (2)

    The Big Triangle                                Until The Next Time

     The Royal Galaxies

    Over and Done With                        Trouble on a Double Date





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