• The Dinos 

    The Dinos (Corpus Christi,Texas)
    (The Doo-Wop Years)


    Personnel :

    Abraham Quintanilla

    Seferino  Perales

    Bobby Lira


    Discography :

    1959 - I'm Broke / So Hard To Tell (Fox 1010)
    1960 - (Won't You) Give Me A Chance / It's So Good To Know (Fine 001)
    1961 - Twistin' Irene / Darling Oh Darling (Fox 0101)
    1961 - Lover's Holiday / Happy Fool (Fox 105)


    Biography :

    Abraham Quintanilla originally was with a group called the Gumdrops, an informal group of choir members at Miller High School formed in 1957. Los Dinos Original members were Seff Perales, Bobby Lira and Guadalupe Barrera. Around 1958, Barrera left the group and Abraham quickly approached the "Dinos" and asked if he can be part of their singing group. The group decided to give Abraham a chance by practicing with them.  

    Bobby Lira, Abraham Quintanilla and Seferino Perales

    Abraham's wishes were granted when the Dinos crowned him as the "third voice". During the beginning stages of the group, the Dinos were paid thirty United States dollars in booked venues. Los Dinos cited their musical inspirations were musical ensembles The Four Aces and Mills Brothers. In 1959, Los Dinos released their first single "So Hard To Tell" on the J.W. Fox label that was owned by Johnny Herrera.  The single became a classic hit on KEYS and helped the band to be booked at personal appearances at sock hops in Corpus, Kingville and Woodsboro, Texas.

      Los Dinos (1964)                                                                                                                                                          

    The Dino's second single "Give Me One Chance", was composed by Teddy Randazzo sold 150,000 copies. The single began getting extensive airplay throughout South Texas and on KILT-FM. Los Dino's popularity prosper after the record sales of "Give Me One Chance".  The band faced racism and discrimination due to being of Mexican decent. A club owner, who thought the band were Italians, was captured that Los Dinos were Mexican Americans. The club owner decided not to pay them. Los Dinos were turned down motel rooms and other venues that were dominant White American neighborhoods.

    The Dinos

    The bands next singles "Tiwistin' Irene" and "Lover's Holiday" sold poorly. In October 1961, Abraham was drafted into the military . While back, Abraham re-joined with Los Dinos and began singing American pop and Rock and roll music.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Darling Oh Darling                 So Hard To Tell                  It's So Good To Know

    (Won't You) Give Me A Chance         Happy Fool              It's So Good To Know

    Twistin' Irene


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