• Johnny Aladdin aka The Pageants (3)
    Johnny Aladdin

    Johnny Aladdin (bb unknown group) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Pageants (3)


    Personnel :

    Johnny "Aladdin" Amplo

    Unknown Girls Group


    Discography :

    Johnny Aladdin
    1960 - Why Did You Go /  Happy Together (Chip 1001)

    The Pageants (3)
    1960 - Why Did You Go /  Happy Together (Goldisc 3013)


    Biography :

    From 1959, The Mystics and The Passions were invited to do many show . Manager Jim Gribble would use the popularity of his two group to get his other acts in show. Al Contrera from The Mystics had introduced Johnny Amplo to Jim Gribble. Johnny Amplo was sixteen years old and lived down the block from Al on 84th Street in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn and although a few years younger, would hang out with the group at Frankie and Johnny’s. One day Al suggested that he meet their manager, Jim Gribble, and audition for a recording contract. Johnny was extremely handsome, and he thought he was just what Jim was looking for. Jim Gribble became his manager and arranged a recording for him in 1960 with the songs "Happy Together" and "Why Did You Go" written by Stan Vincent and released  bu Chip Records as Johnny Aladdin. Johnny in that recording was backed by an unknown group of girls. In November 1960, the single was re-released by Goldisc records under the name of The Pageants. although he didn't have any major success, he was bitten by the show business bug. Years later, Johnny Amplo changed his name to John Roper and went on to have a successful acting career in Hollywood with roles in several Alfred Hitchcock movies.


    Songs :

    Why Did You Go                           Happy Together


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