• The Scholars (1) (Houston, Texas)

    Personnel :

    Al Eisman (Lead)

    Kenny Rogers (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    1956 - Poor Little Doggie / What I Did Wrong (Cue 7927)
    1956 - Waddie / Spin The Wheel (Cue 7931)
    1956 - Rocky Road / Spin The Wheel (Dot 15498)
    1956 - If you listen with your heart / Poor Little Doggie (Dot 15519)
    1956 - Beloved / I Didn't Want To Do It (Imperial 5449)
    1957 - Eternally Yours / Kan-Gu-Wa (Imperial 5456)

    Biography :

    At Jefferson Davis High School, though, Young Kenny Rogers began to develop his childhood interest in music. He put together his first band, a four–part harmony group called the Scholars. Through his friendship with 17–year–old Houston DJ Larry Kane, Lelan (His brother and manager) was able to ditch it all and get a job promoting and distributing records first for the local label Cue, then for Dot Records where he specialized in rhythm 'n' blues music.

                                                                    Kenny Rogers

    The Scholars played the hits of the day, the pop, rhythm 'n' blues and especially vocal–harmony stuff that Kenny and his three bandmates enjoyed. Kenny sang the high parts, and played stand–up bass.

    The Scholars cut a couple of singles that sold around Houston, and subsequently the ante was upped via a one–shot deal with Imperial Records.  After a long, hot drive, with Kenny's bass strapped to the roof of the car, the Scholars recorded four sides in a Los Angeles studio.

    Songs :


    Beloved                                    Eternally Yours

     Kan-Gu-Wa                                  I Didn't Want To Do It






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