• The Story Tellers (1)
    Ruben Ochoa, Nick Delgado and Al Sanchez (Sal Delgado not pictured)

    The Story Tellers (1) (San Gabriel, CA.)

    Personnel :

    Ruben Ochoa (Baritone / Bass)

    Nick Delgado (Lead / First Tenor)

    Al Sanchez (Lead / First Tenor)

    Sal Delgado (Second Tenor / Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - You Played Me A Fool / Hey Baby (Zenith 101/Stack 501)
    1990 - Gee But I Like Your Smile / Please Remember My Love (Classic Artists 118)
    1991 - Heaven's For Real / This Is Goodby (Classic Artists 128)
    1992 - Heart For Heart / The L.A. Shuffle Classic Artists 133)

    Biography :

    The Story Tellers were from San Gabriel Mission High School, located in southern California, and first got together in 1958. The group was composed  Ruben Ochoa, Nick Delgado, Al Sanchez and  Sal Delgado. They originally called themselves the Pretenders, and actually grew up together in the 1950's. Ruben Ochoa and Al Sanchez were cousins, and further, Al and Nick's fathers had sung together in a Mexican trio. The Story Tellers had one original recording in 1959 called "You Played Me A Fool", issued on Norty Beckman's Zenith and then Stack record labels. It was Norty Beckman that suggested the group name of the Story Tellers, which was quite unique. The Pretenders name had already been taken by a group on the east coast. Beckman had a record store and had heard the group sing locally, and signed them to a contract. Their record had late night airplay by several local DJ's including KFOX evening man Rudy Marini. His show was broadcast live from the Dolphins of Hollywood record store, a local Los Angeles legend. According to Al Sanchez, they had intended to cut a second record, singing the Rivileers song, 1000 Stars, but it was not what Beckman was looking for at the moment. It was what Indigo records was looking for when they pressed Kathy Young and the Innocents version shortly thereafter. The Story Tellers had some releases on the Classic Artists label starting in 1990.

    Songs :

    You Played Me A Fool                                   Hey Baby           


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