•  Tony & The Raindrops (5)
    Tony Acchione, Mark Stevens, Frankie Pettineo and Jimmy Dilks 

    Tony & The Raindrops (5) (Philadelphia)

    Personnel :

    Tony Acchione (Lead)

    Mark Stevens (Baritone)

    Al Baron (First Tenor)

    Jerry Koracik (Second Tenor)

    Kenny Sax (Bass)

    Discography :

    1962 - While Walking / Our Love is Over (Chesapeake 609)
    1962 - Tina / My Heart Cried (Crosley 340)

    Biography :

    In 1959, Mark Stevens was part of The Gems with Jerry Gross who just left the Brooktones, Mike Freda, Warren Purdy, and Roland Scarinci. Shortly after the Brooktones signed to Parkway Records and added Jerry Sirlen and William Shunkwiler to the group, while changing the band's name to The Dovells. While rehearsing "Out in the Cold Again", which turned out to be the B-side of "Bristol Stomp", Len Barry called Jerry Gross and asked for help with the harmonies. After 2 days of trying, Len Barry asked Jerry to be part of the group and replace 2 of the guys. Sirlen and Shunkwiler were replaced by Jerry Gross and Mike Freda.

    Billy & The Essentials (1) aka The Heatwaves aka The Panics (2) aka The Styles (5)

    Front Row : Tony & The Raindrops - Second Row : Billy & The Essentials

          With two fewer members in the group, the adventure of the Gems stops and Mark Stevens went on to start his own group Tony & the Raindrops. Tony & the Raindrops consisted of Tony Acchione (Lead), Mark Stevens (Baritone), Al Baron(1st Tenor), Kenny Sax(Bass) and Jerry Koracik (2nd Tenor). In 1962, the group recorded for the Baltimore based label Chesapeake Records "Our Love is Over" b/w "While Walking".After the recording Jerry Koracik  and Kenny Sax left the group. Jimmy Dilks and Frankie Pettineo join The Raindrops . Jimmy Dilks sang in three popular Philadelphia groups, The first group was The Clientelles who recorded a version of the Willows' "Church Bells May Ring" without success.


    After Jimmy Dilks left the one that made the charts. Ironically, that group Joey and the Flips, which hit with "Bongo Stomp" in 1962 had more problems than the other singers Dilks joined just before "Bongo Stomp" began its 10-week chart run, peaking at No. 33. He left the Flips to join Tony and the Raindrops, Tony & The Raindrops used to run into them at record hops. Dilks left the Flips to become a Raindrop after the Flips' manager brought in a new lead singer who was really great. Dilks didn't mind moving up to falsetto when Joey Hall joined, but it brought the group up to six members and that was just too many. The new formation of Tony & The Raindrops recorded in 1962 for Crosley Records "Tina" b/w "My Heart Cried". Finally Tony and The Raindrops auditioned for labels as Cameo-Parkway and Laurie Records but they not liked the group because their sound was too Black. The group broke up in the winter of 1963.

    Songs :

    Our Love is Over                                 While Walking

    Tina                                                    My Heart Cried



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