The Dee-Jay's (2) (Philadelphia, PA)


    Personnel :

    William Jackson

    Joe Bell (Second Tenor)

    Bruce Bell (Bass)

    Norwood Long

    Raymond Robinson


    Discography :

    The Dee-Jay's (2)
    Singles :
    1961 - You Took Your Love From Me / Canadian Sunset (Sonata 1100)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Where Are You (Sonata)
    1962 - Come And Get It (Sonata)

    Lee Johnson bb The Dee-Jay's (2)
    1962 -My Love / Tell Me (Lash 1126)

    Sonny Fulton bb The Dee-Jay's (2)
    1962 - A Lovely Relationship / Here She Comes Now (with the Will-Ettes ) (Lash 1127))


    Biography :

    This group was formed in 1959 by William Jackson who picked Joseph and Bruce Bell, Norwood Long and Raymond Robinson to sing on talent shows with him under the name the Lovenotes, which was changed to the Tunisians and finally The Dee-Jays in 1960! We came along in the time of street corner groups and competed against most of them and won but Uncle Sam and the Military draft in 1963 broke up the group!

    The Dee-Jay's (2)

    Jimmy Bishop who was a disc jockey at WHAT radio was our manager and along with his gospel queen wife Louise Williams-Bishop who exposed us to numerous gospel singing groups, they believed we were headed for great things but like many performers in those days who were not being paid for their work, reality made us seek a more secure future.


    The Dee-Jay's cut their first single in December 1961 for the local label Sonata. The group cut two other sides "Where Are You" and "Come And Get It" for a second single but it was never released  because Dinah Washington's "Where are you" hit the airwaves and it was felt although the songs were completely different , the same title would be confusing. The Group backed Lee Johnson and Sonny Fulton for Lash records Owned by brothers Al and Howard Ravitsky and a friend, Gil Lipschitz.
    Joe Bell


    Songs :

    You Took Your Love From Me                     Canadian Sunset         


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