The Beau-Jives (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Phil Bell (Vocal)

    Joel Warren (Lead Vocal / Keyboards)

    Harvey Shapiro (Vocal / Bass)

    Leon Owens (Sax)

    Johnny Kelly (Vocal / Drums)

    Discography :

    The Beau-Jives
    1961 - Brightest Star In The Sky / But I Love You (Lord Bingo 102)
    1962 - Dip Dip / But I Love You (Lord Bingo 103)
    1962 - I'll Never Be The Same / What Would You Do (Shepherd 2202)
    1962 - Brightest Star In The Sky / Mr. Sandman (Lord Bingo 107)
    1963 - Here We Go / Beau Jive Symphony (Lord Bingo 108)
    1963 - Dip Dip / Now's The Time (Lord Bingo 109)
    1963 - Dip Dip / Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket (Lord Bingo 111/Vision 111)

    Joel Warren
    1962 - Evil Boll Weevil / Let Her Go (Kapp 463)


    The Beau-jives had their genesis in the late ‘50s at Fairfax High School in L.A., where three Jewish guys named Phil Bell, Harvey Shapiro, and Joel Warren became deeply enamored with the Olympics and the Coasters–black music mixed with humor. They were originally a vocal trio who wrote songs and performed in the style of those groups they loved. The Beau-jives cut seven singles in three years, and some great doo wop like "I'll Never Be The Same", "What Would You Do" & "Dip Dip"

    In summer of ‘63, Phil Bell dropped out to continue his education as the other guys picked up instruments and began gigging in earnest around L.A. At that time sax player Leon Owens (nee Clare Wright) joined the band and his manic style and showmanship fit right in with the outrageous live performances the group had perfected as a vocal trio.


    A variety of drummers played with the band, among them Paul Lagos and Johnny Kelly, along with Harvey on bass and Joel on keyboards. The band appeared on the final episode of Danny Thomas "Make Room for Daddy" series in April, 1964, performing the show number known widely around L.A. where Leon is picked up by his feet while playing and swung in a circle by Joel.

    1964 - The Danny Thomas Show - The Persistent Cop

    When Beatlemania struck in 64, the band's style changed, although still heavily dependent on the black R&B sounds they so loved. When Joel went into the army in mid-64, the band hired guitarist Michael ("Big Mike Beef") Buckius and grew their hair. Joel returned in December 64, and the band expanded to five for the next several years.

    Songs :

    The Beau-Jives

    What would you do             I'll never be the same                 Dip Dip

    Brightest Star In The Sky                Mr. Sandman                    Here We Go

    Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket     Now's The Time

    Joel Warren

    Let Her Go                                      Evil Boll Weevil



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