• The Jokers (3) (Hawaii)

    Personnel :

    Teddy Chinen Tanaka

    Marcus Nishikawa

    Marvin Furusho

    Wayne Amioka

    Orin Hakoda

    Melvin Ishizu

    Discography :

    The Jokers (3)
    1960 - I Do  / Pretty Little Hula Girl (Danco 117)

    Darlene & The Jokers (3)
    1960 - Love Me, Love Me / Frankie (Danco 115)


    Biography :

    The Jokers were known for their hit singles as Frankie (with Darlene Yoshimoto), Pretty Little Hula Girl, Love Me Love Me, & I Do. Group members included Teddy Chinen (Teddy Tanaka) ,Marcus Nishikawa, Marvin Furusho, Wayne Amioka, Orin Hakoda and Melvin Ishizu.

    Darlene “Masako” Yoshimoto performed regularly at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, & Kuilima Resort (now Turtle Bay). The Roosevelt High School graduate got into the Doo Wop scene with The Jokers when they covered “Frankie” by Connie Francis.


    She was only 16 at the time. Another big hit was Stupid Cupid. Darlene, better known to her fans as Masako recorded an album entitled “Makako” in 1963.

    Songs :

    Darlene & The Jokers (3)

                 Frankie                                Love Me, Love Me, Love Me

    The Jokers (3)

               I Do                                          Pretty Little Hula Girl





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