•  The Corvairs (4)  (Newport News, Virginia)
    aka  The West Siders

    Personnel :

    Joe Shepard (Tenor)

    Nelson Shields (Second Tenor)

    Prince McKnight (Tenor)

    Ronald Judge (Baritone)

    Billy Faison (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Corvairs (4)
    1962 - True True Love / Hey, Sally Mae (Comet 2145)
    1963 - I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby / Girl With The Wind In Her Hair (Leopard 5005)
    1966 - Swinging Little Government / Love, Love My Friend (Columbia 43603)
    1966 - Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes) / Get A Job (Columbia 43861)
    1966 - The Grass Will Sing For You (Columbia)
    1963 - Because I Love You (aka Don’t You Know) (Leopard)

    The West Siders
    1963 - Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying (United Artists 600/Leopard 5004)


    Biography :

    When The Leaders split ,Burton, Alston, and Simpson continuing on as the Three Voices while Judge and Shields relocated to New York City, forming the Corvairs with tenors Joe Shepard and Prince McKnight along with bass Billy Faison. In 1962 the Corvairs signed to the Comet label to release their Dave "Baby" Cortez-produced debut single, "Hey, Sally Mae".

    The record quickly disappeared, and a year later the group resurfaced on Leopard with "No Tears Left for Crying," mistakenly credited to the Westsiders. When the single was subsequently licensed to United Artists, the label further muddied the waters by calling the group the West Siders, and for reasons no less mysterious, their next Leopard release, "I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby," restored the Corvairs moniker.

                           (The Corvairs 1961) Top : Faison, Shepard and Shields - Botom : Judge and McKnight

    Faison exited the lineup in 1965, with bass Edgar Brown appearing on the Corvairs' next effort, the 1966 Columbia release "Swinging Little Government." When the follow-up, "Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes)," flopped, the group split.



    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Corvairs (4)

    True True Love           Hey, Sally Mae           I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby

    Girl With The Wind In Her Hair      Ain't No Soul ...                Get A Job 

    Because I Love You        Love, Love My Friend / Swinging Little Government 

    The West Siders

    Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying



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