• The Honey Boys (1955) (from top) :  Calvin Rowllette John Billy, Diason Stokes & Roland Jackson

    The Honey Boys (Baltimore)


    Personnel :

    Calvin "Khaki" Rowlette (Lead)

    John "Prince" Billy (First Tenor)

    Diason "Dixon" Stokes (Baritone)

    Roland "Big Boy" Jackson (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Never Lose Faith In Me / Vippity Vop (Modern 980)

    1974 - Unchained Melody / Honey Love (Recorded in 1956) (Boogie Music 1)


    Biography :

    This group formed in 1954 and performed as amateurs throughout the East Baltimore vicinity. They came from East Baltimore, the same neighborhood as the Cardinals, the Kings and the Swallows. Through their friend Eddie Rich of the Swallows, they got an audition with Modern records in their New York Facility in 1955.

    Eddie Rich (Swallows)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    On Their arrival in New York, Modern put them up at a hotel and gave them two songs to familiarize themselves with. They had to learn the songs in ten hours. When they finally got to the studio, Rowlette's voice was hoarse and the final take was not his best. "Never Lose Faith In Me" / "Vippity Vop" did not make recording history.

    The Honey Boys (ca.1957):  Eddie Rich, John Billy, Roland Jackson & Diason Stokes

    It was only a minor hit locally, even though it was very well done under the circumstances. The Honey Boys was not discouraged. They came home and continued to work night clubs and got some nice bookings at Atlantic City with the Flamingos among others. They never made another record for Modern, although at the group's own experience they cut two sides locally "Unchained melody" / "Honey Love" .

    The Honey Boys (ca.1958):  John Billy, Diason Stokes, Roland Jackson & Larry Jones

    The two sides were not released until Art Mariano issued them on Boogie Music label in the 1970s.  Eddie Rich does tenor in this sides as Rowlette was gone by them. Larry Jones, of another local group, The Capitals, replaced Khaki when in late 1957, Eddie Rich and Calvin Rowlette decided to resurrect the Swallows. The Final chapter of The Honey Boys came about in 1962 or 1963, but not before they recorded four sides for Motown, none of which were ever released.

    Songs :
     (Updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Never Lose Faith In Me                           Vippity Vop

    Unchained Melody / Honey Love


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