• The Fabulous Fabuliers (
    Jacksonville, Fl.)
    Thanks to Juan  (informations)

    Personnel :

    Lorenzo Thomas (Lead)

    Richard Givens (First Tenor)

    Willie Wilson (Second Tenor)

    Leon Smith (Baritone)

    Charles Watkins (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - She's The Girl For Me / I Found My Baby    (Angle tone 539)


    Biography :

    Group From Jacksonville, Florida first know as The Petunians and consisted of Lorenzo Thomas-lead, Richard Givens.1st tenor,Willie Wilson 2nd tenor,Leon Smith-Baritone and Charles Watkins-Bass.

    In later years members of this group were the soul brothers on wanda records.


    Their Songs :

    I Found My Baby                  She's The Girl For Me



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