• The Dynamics (9)

    The Dynamics (9) (Plainfield, NJ.)

    Personnel :

    Albert Price

    Walter Price

    Walter Popdora

    Chester Popdora

    Bill Jennings

    Paul Nocilla

    Discography :

    The Dynamics (9)
    1959 - Enchanted Love / Happiness And Love (Arc 4450)
    1960 - Seems Like Only Yesterday / How Should I Feel (Decca 31046/31050)
    1960 - At The End Of Each Day / The Girl By The Gate (Decca 31129)

    Skip Milo bb The Dynamics (9)
    1959 - Jo Baby / What's Wrong With Me (Arc 4453)

    Biography :

    Four Plainfield youths make up a singing group called the Dynamics, the group include  Albert Price,18, his brother Walter,17, a cousin,17,  Bill Jenning,17, and Paul Nocilla, 19, and Walter and Chester Podpota of Milford. The Price boys are seniors at Plainfield high school and Nocilla and Jennings were graduated in June.The group began career five years ago, in 1955 in a talent contest. In 1959, Bill Jennings with Albert and Walter Price wrote two songs "Enchanted Love" and "Happiness And Love". The group recorded the songs in Elizabeth NJ at the ARC records studio owned by Ed Dambach. The single will be released by Arc in July 1959. 

    The Dynamics (9)    The Dynamics (9)
    Skip Milo                                                                                          Tom DeCillis

    "Enchanted Love," made the top 10 over Chicago radio stations. On the Arc label The Dynamics backed Skip Milo on  "Jo Baby" and "What's Wrong With Me". Tom DeCillis started to manage The Dynamics, and signed them to Decca Records. Tom DeCillis start his own radio show on a Newark station playing rock and roll music. He was able to meet recording artists and record labels as a result of being prompted to play their records on his show.    

    The Dynamics (9)

    Decca released their second single "Seems Like Only Yesterday" b/w "How Should I Feel"in February 1960. A third single and last disc will be released by Decca in July 1960 with "At The End Of Each Day" and "The Girl By The Gate". The Dynamics, have be heard at several local events, have also appeared at Grossing-ers in the Catskills and on television programs in Conecticut and Pennsylvania.  When the stardom wore off and the group started to go in different directions, Nocilla sang with Joey Dee and the Starliters. Probably most famous for “Peppermint Twist,” Joey Dee and the Starliters were the house band for the Peppermint Lounge in New York City.

    Songs :

    The Dynamics (9)

                          Enchanted Love         At The End Of Each Day / The Girl By The Gate

    Seems Like Only Yesterday / How Should I Feel

    Skip Milo bb The Dynamics (9)

    What's Wrong With Me                             Jo Baby 


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