• The Four J's (1) (Philadelphia)

    aka The Fabulous Four
    ref : The Four Naturals aka The Naturals (5)

    Personnel :

    Joseph "Junior" Pirollo (Lead)

    Bob Finizio (Second Tenor)

    Joe Milaro (Baritone)

    Jimmy Testa (First Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Fabulous Four
    Singles :
    1960 - Mister Twist / In The Chapel In The Moonlight (Chancellor 1062)
    1961 - Let's Try Again / Precious Moments (Chancellor 1068)
    1961 - Sounds Of Summer / Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Chancellor 1078)
    1961 - Betty Ann / Prisoner Of Love (Chancellor 1085)
    1961 - Everybody Knows / I'm Coming Home (Chancellor 1090)
    1961 - Everybody Knows / Mister Twist (Chancellor 1098)
    1962 - Forever / It's No Sin (Chancellor 1102)
    Unreleased :
    N/A - Special Girl (Featuring Mike Dupree)
    N/A - Silhouettes
    N/A - Story Untold
    N/A - (Reach Out for The) Hand of Love
    N/A - Talk to Me
    N/A - Blame Your Friend
    N/A - Little Girl
    N/A - Moonlight Shadows
    N/A - A  Million Years
    N/A - Fools Destiny
    N/A - Soldier Boy's Comin' Home

    Fabian & The Fabulous Four
    1959 - Tiger (Not Them)  / Mighty Cold (To A Warm Warm Heart) (Chancellor 1037)
    1961 - Long Before / Kissin' And Twistin'(Not Them)(Chancellor 1061)
    1961 - You Know You Belong to Someone Else / Hold On (No Group) (Chancellor 1067)
    1961 - The Love That I'm Giving to You / You're Only Young Once  (Not Them) (Chancellor 1079)
    1961 - A Girl Like You / Dream Factory (Not Them) (Chancellor 1084)
    1961 - Tongue-Tied  (Not Them) / Kansas City (Chancellor 1086)
    1961 - Wild Party / Made You (Chancellor 1092)
    Fabian bb The Fabulous Four (Uncredited)
    1959 - I'm A Man / Hypnotized (Chancellor 1029)
    1959 - Got The Feeling / Come and Get Me (Chancellor 1041)
    1959 - This Friendly World / Hound Dog Man (Chancellor 1044)

    Sonny Vito bb The Fabulous Four (Uncredited)
    1962 - Put' Em Down Joe / I Remember The Night (Chancellor 1122)

    Maureen Gray bb The Fabulous Four (Uncredited)
    1961 - I'm so Young / There Is A Boy (Chancellor 1100)


    The Four J's (1)
    1958 - Rock and Roll Age / Be Nice, Don't Fight (United Artists 125)
    1958 - Kissin' At The Drive-In / Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen (Herald 528)
    1964 - Here I Am Broken Hearted / She Said That She Loved Me (Jamie 1267)
    1964 - By Love Possessed / My Love My Love  (Jamie 1274)

    The Four J's (1) (featuring Junior Pope)
    1969 - Dreamin' / Love My Love  (Congress 6003)

    John Capri bb The Four J's (Uncredited)
    1959 - When I'm Lonely / Look For Me (BoMarc 306)

    Johnny Angel bb The Four J's (Uncredited)
    1966 - This Is The Night For Love / You've Been Wrong (Swan 4263)


    The Naturals (5)
    1959 - Blue Moon / How Strange (Red Top 113/Hunt 325)

    The Four Naturals
    1960 - When I'm In Your Arms  /  I Hear A Rhapsody  (Red Top 119)
    1960 - The Thought Of You Darling / Long Long Ago (Red Top 125)

    Biography :

    In 1957 four fellows from the South Philadelphia area formed a singing group they named The Four J's they took their name based on the fact that each member's first name began with the letter J. they were Jr. Pirollo, Jimmy Testa, Joe "Judge" Milaro and Joe Paparella. Joe Paparella didn't remain with the group long enough to record and left to personal reasons, being replaced by Jr's. brother-in-law Bob Finizio.

    After winning a local talent contest they were approached by Buddy Greco, who later became their manager. Greco got the group thier first recording contract with United Artist Records in 1958. After several releases, Jr. and Bob became part of the Four Naturals.

    The group was a studio group and after recording "How Strange", under the name of the Naturals, they didn't want to tour or perform live. Jr. and Bob replaced the two members who were unhappy and were on all the following releases including their hit "The Thought Of You Darling."

    In 1960 Bob Marcucci of Chancellor Records approached Jr and asked if his group would be willing to vocally back up Fabian on both recordings and Tours. He also promised them several recordings on their own, a promise he kept proving to be one of the few honorable giants in the fields.

    Fabian , his mother and the Fabulous Four                                       Fabian

     Jr.& Bob once again teamed up with Jimmy Testa and added Ernie Spano to the group (replacing Joe Milano). Ernie was an original member of "the Four Dates", another Chancellor recording act. The group was now backing the famous billed Fabulous Fabian, so Naturally Bob Marcucci came up with the Group's new name "The Fabulous Four"

    For the next 3-4 years the group recorded with and without Fabian and toured the entire United States (except Alaska) and most of the world. The group has had numerous appearances on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand". The Group backed another artists like Sonny Vito, Maureen Gray as the Fabulous Four, John Capri and Johnny Angel as The Four J's.


    In late 1964-65 the group changed their name back to "The Four J's" and achieved their biggest success recording for Jamie Records "My Love Possessed" and "Here I Am Broken Hearted". Johnny October was now a member of the group, Johnny was the original lead singer of the Four Dates.


    Songs :

    The Fabulous Four

    Mister Twist              In The Chapel In The Moonlight                Let's Try Again

    Precious Moments              Sounds Of Summer          Why Do Fools Fall In Love

    Betty Ann                        Prisoner Of Love                       Everybody Knows

    I'm Coming Home                        Forever                        It's No Sin

    Special Girl                          Silhouettes                          Story Untold

    Blame Your Friend                    Little Girl                     Moonlight Shadows

    Fools Destiny                    Soldier Boy's Comin' Home      A Million Years

    (Reach Out For The) Hand Of Love         Talk To Me

    Fabian & The Fabulous Four

    You Know You Belong to Someone Else      A Girl Like You          Wild Party

    The Love That I'm Giving to You        Made You                     Kansas City

    I'm A Man                                Hypnotized                          Long Before 

    Mighty Cold (To A Warm Warm Heart)     Got The Feeling           Come and Get Me

    This Friendly World                 Hound Dog Man              


    Maureen Gray bb The Fabulous Four (Uncredited)

    I'm so Young                                          There Is A Boy


    Sonny Vito bb The Fabulous Four (Uncredited)

    Put' Em Down Joe                             I Remember The Night

    The Four J's (1)

    Rock and Roll Age               Be Nice, Don't Fight        Here I Am Broken Hearted
    Kissin' At The Drive-In / Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen      By Love Possessed


    She Said That She Loved Me         My Love My Love

    The Four J's (1) (featuring Junior Pope)

    Dreamin'                                   Love My Love

    John Capri bb The Four J's (Uncredited)

    When I'm Lonely

    Johnny Angel bb The Four J's (Uncredited)

    This Is The Night For Love




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