• Tony & The Daydreams
    Tony & The Daydreams (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Anthony "Tony" Polemeni (Lead)

    Richard Walters

    Paulie (Piano)

    Donny (Sax)

    Nicky (Guitar)

    Frankie (Drums)


    Discography :

    Tony & The Daydreams
    1959 - Why Don't You Be Nice / I’ll Never Tell (Planet 1009)
    1959 - Christmas Lullaby / Hand In Hand (Planet 1054)
    1961 - Hand In Hand / I’ll Never Tell (Planet 1055)

    Tony & The Day Dreams
    1958 - Back In School (Demo)
    1958 - Judy (Demo)

    The Day Dreamers
    1958 - I’ll Never Tell (Demo)
    1958 - West Bound Train (Demo)

    Ceasar & Anthony "Tony"
    1958 - You Know I Love You (Demo)
    1958 - Dip Dip (Demo)

    Biography :

    Vocal & Instrumental group from Brooklyn consisted of Anthony "Tony" Polemeni, Richard Walters, Paulie, Donny, Nicky and Frankie. Anthony Polemeni was part of Ideals, a local instrumental group. Tony & The Daydreams had been gaining experience performing at local venues.

    Tony & The Daydreams 

    Tony & The Daydreams recorded many demos before they can pretend to record a single. "Why Don't You Be Nice" and "I’ll Never Tell "  were finally recorded and the sides were quickly picked up for release by Planet, a small New York City label.

    Tony & The Daydreams    Tony & The Daydreams
    Early Daydreams : Frankie, Paulie, Donny and Tony                                   Tony & The Daydreams

    This small label was the first to release the first two titles of a new Queens band whose name their name was taken from the Lincoln Capri : The Capris. The songs were "There's a Moon out Tonight" and Indian Girl". Unfortunatly for Planet, it was not able to effectively promote the record and it became an almost instant obscurity. Planet The label will bet on Tony & The Daydreams and release several singles that unfortunately will not break the New York market.

    Songs :

    Tony & The Daydreams

    Christmas Lullaby                               Hand In Hand   

       I’ll Never Tell                               Why Don't You Be Nice

    Back In School

    Ceasar & Anthony "Tony"

    You Know I Love You


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