• The Enchantments (2) (Manhattan, New York)


    Personnel :

    Eugene Sanchez (Lead & Tenor)

    Victor Velez (First Tenor & Lead)

    Johnny Velez (Second Tenor)

    Angelo Maurino (Falsetto & Baritone)

    Joffrey Green (Bass)


    Discography :

    Single :
    1963 - I Love My Baby / Pains In My Heart (Ritz 17003)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - Listen Lover (Ritz)
    1963 - Thanks Magic Moon (Ritz)
    1963 - Each Other's Love (Ritz)


    Biography :

    In an institute in Manhattan, teenager Gene Sanchez formed the vocal group The Five Spades in 1957, which was dedicated to sing only by the institution and the streets in a totally amateur way. Then he created The Corvairs that got to act in some dances, but that did not have enough life or success to leave anything recorded.

    Even so, Sanchez had gained some fame among the teenagers in the area because there were few who knew how to play the piano and compose besides singing, so he was captured by the Velez brothers, students of a neighboring institute, to lead his new vocal group: The Enchantments. They sang a lot in dances and parties but without luck at the time of recording until Tony Cicinelli was signed as a representative.


    This put them in contact with the producer Fred Castellano who, after receiving the denials from the big companies decided to record them himself and sell the tapes to the multinational London. These they published in their subsidiary Ritz the late "I Love My Baby" (1963), which led to some good performances but nothing more. It was not time for it, the times were changing and the group dissolved.

    Songs :

    Listen Lover                         Pains In My Heart

    Thanks Magic Moon              Each Other's Love

    I Love My Baby


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