• The Windsors (2) from left to right : Bob Easingwood,  Ronnie King, Patsy (Tookie) Andy and Larry Namee

    The Windsors (2) (Pennsylvania)


    Personnel :

    Ronnie King (Lead)

    Patsy "Tookie" Andy (Second Tenor)

    Bob Easing Wood (First Tenor)

    Larry Namee (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1958 - Carol Ann / Keep Me From Crying (Wig-Wag 203)


    Biography :

    Ron King, 2nd from left , organized The Windsors doo wop singing group while still a student at Washington high School in Washington, PA. The Windsors headed to New York and cut two sides for Wig Wag Records: "Carol Ann" b/w "Keep Me From Crying." at Regent Sound Studios; the same studio at which Johnie Maestro & The Crests were recording the classic teen age anthem"Sixteen Candles.

    The Windsors (2)
    from left to right : Larry Namee, Bob Easingwood, Patsy (Tookie) Andy and Ronnie King

    Members of the group included Ron, Bob Easingwood, Patsy Andy and Larry Namee. ventually Ron left the Windsors, learned how to play guitar and formed a band called Ronnie King and the Passions.


    Songs :

    Keep Me From Crying                                Carol Ann             



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