• The Windsors (2)

    The Windsors (2) (Pennsylvania)

    Personnel :

    Ronnie King (Lead)

    Patsy "Tookie" Andy (Second Tenor)

    Bob Easing Wood (First Tenor)

    Larry Namee (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1958 - Carol Ann / Keep Me From Crying (Wig-Wag 203)

    Biography :

    Ron King, 2nd from left , organized The Windsors doo wop singing group while still a student at Washington high School in Washington, PA. The Windsors headed to New York and cut two sides for Wig Wag Records: "Carol Ann" b/w "Keep Me From Crying." at Regent Sound Studios; the same studio at which Johnie Maestro & The Crests were recording the classic teen age anthem"Sixteen Candles.

        The Windsors (2)

    " Members of the group included Ron, Bob Easingwood, Patsy Andy and Larry Namee. ventually Ron left the Windsors, learned how to play guitar and formed a band called Ronnie King and the Passions.


    Songs :

    Keep Me From Crying                      Carol Ann





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