• The Ballads, 1961 with Dick Arnold (Front) Frank Airone, Jack Davis & Bob McGowan 

    The Ballads (1) (Branford, Connecticut)


    Personnel :

    Dick Arnold

    Jack McCoy

    Patricia Hurley

    Sonny Manzo


    The Ballads (1)
    1956 - Before You Fall In Love / Broke (Franwill 5028)
    1960 - Somehow / Knee Bop (Ron-Cris 1003)

    Dick Arnold
    1961 -   I Need Her / I Know (Ron-Cris 1006)

    The Five Satins (Feat: Dick Arnold)
    1964 - No One Knows / Musical Chairs (Inst.) (Sammy 103)

    Biography :

    The Ballads formed as a vocal group harmony group in 1955 while attending Branford High School (Branford, Connecticut). In 1955, the original group consisted of Dick Arnold, Jack McCoy, Patricia Hurley and Sonny Manzo. Rehersals Took place in the back room of Manzo's Carvel store in Branford, CT. In 1956, The Ballads recorded "Before You Fall In Love" and "Broke". The recording Was made in a small recording studio in the store of Doc Francis. William "Doc" Francis had an art and music store in Westville, CT in the 1950s.

    Dick Arnold                                                                                                                            

    For some years the group also enlisted singers from local High Schools and had guest singers from other local New Haven groups that came to perform with the Ballads at High School dances and record hops. In 1960, After many staff changes, the group consists of Dick Arnold, Frank Airone, Jack Davis and Bob McGowan. The new group will return to the studio to record "Somehow" b/w "Knee Bop". The single will be released On Ron-Cris records owned by Dominic Rondina. In 1961, On the same label, Dick Arnold will record "I Need Her" b/w "I Know" . Dick Arnold later joined the Five Satins / Restless Hearts  and sang lead on  "No One Knows".

    Songs :

    The Ballads (1)

    Somehow                                      Before you fall in love

    Knee Bop                                      Broke

    Dick Arnold

     I Need Her                                         I Know       


    The Five Satins (Feat: Dick Arnold)

    No One Knows


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