• The Romeos (2) (Detroit, MI)


    Personnel :

    Eugene Dyer (Second Tenor)

    Lamont Dozier  (Baritone/Tenor)

    Ty Hunter (Baritone/Tenor)

    Kenny Johnson (Baritone)

    Don Davenport (Bass)


    Discography :

    1957 - Gone, Gone, Get Away / Let's Be Partners (Fox 749)
    1957 - Moments To Remember You By / Fine, Fine Baby (Fox 846/Atco 6107)


    Biography :

    These Romeos formed in Detroit while in high school. Prior to being the Romeo's, the group went under the name of The Counts (picture above) with Eugene Dyer, Kenny Johnson, Don Davenport and Bobby Alexander. The group didn't become well known or even one-hit wonders, but some of the members went on to bigger and better things.  The Group met Lamont Dozier and Ty Hunter and when Bobby Alexander was out They dropped the name "Counts," and began calling themselves the "Romeos". The local Fox Records issued two singles by them in 1957, the first "Gone, Gone Get Away" b/w "Let's Be Partners" made little impact outside of Detroit and wasn't a major player there either.

    The Larados

    A second release, both sides written by George Braxton: "Moments to Remember You By" b/w "Fine, Fine Baby" got enough run for Atco Records to pick it up the following year.  When the Romeos had done a show at the Lincoln Park Roller Rink, they'd met the Larados, an all-white local group. Davenport joined the Larados, spelling the end of the Romeos

    Songs :

             Let's Be Partners                    Moments To Remember You By

    Fine, Fine Baby                             Gone Gone Get Away


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