• The Gothics (1) aka The Gothic’s
    Stephanie & The Gothic’s

    The Gothics (1) (Queens, N.Y.)
    aka The Gothic’s

    Personnel :

    Mike Franco (Lead)

    Stephanie Adessa (Lead)

    Nicholas Santelli (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Gothics (1)
    1959 - Marilyn / Sunday Kind Of Love (Dynamic 101)

    The Gothic’s
    1961 - My Dream / Love You Too Much (Carol 4115)

    Unreleased :
    1960 - Poor Billy
    1960 - Lucky Old Sun
    1961 - Valley Of Tears (Carol)
    1961 - Raid Sails In The Sunset (Carol)
    1961 - The ABC’s Of Love

    Stephanie & The Gothic’s
    1961 - Oh Happy Day / I’ll String Along With You (No group) (Shelley 126)

    Mike Franco
    1962 - Humma-Humma-Hummin' Bird / Leave My Past Behind (Duel 519)

    Biography :

    The Gothics (with or without the apostrophe) led by Mike Franco were a white group produced by Bayside, Queens, New York record entrepreneur Jerry Love. Jerry owned a record store in Bayside, and Produced/managed a number of vocal groups. His first group were the Boulevards, local boys with Frankie Zazzo, Lou Adessa, Jim Alessandria, Bobby Thomas and Ralph Lasher. Remaining in chronological sequence, Jerry's next group was the Gothics who hailed from the Whitestone section of Queens. The Gothics had two releases, ”Marilyn” b/w ”Sunday Kind of Love” on Dynamic and ”Love You Too Much” b/w ”My Dream” On Carol.

    The Gothics (1) aka The Gothic’s    The Gothics (1) aka The Gothic’s

    In 1961, On Shelley Records, Jerry Love produced, “Oh Happy Day” by Stephanie and the Gothics , it was a new version of the left-field Don Howard hit from 1952. The Gothic's was led by Stephanie Adessa, from Bayside, Queens. Their plaintive style at the turn of 1961 was reminiscent of fellow Long Islanders the Aquatones and also the then-hit sound of Kathy Young and the Innocents, and Rosie and the Originals.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Gothics (1)

              Marilyn                                    Sunday Kind Of Love

    The Gothic’s

          My Dream                                  Love You Too Much

         Valley Of Tears                            Raid Sails In The Sunset

    ABC's Of Love                                Lucky Old Sun

    Stephanie & The Gothic’s

                Oh Happy Day                 I’ll String Along With You (No group)

    Mike Franco

         Leave My Past Behind                   Humma-Humma-Hummin' Bird


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