• The Sinceres (2) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Billy Johnsen (Lead)

    Georgie (First Tenor)

    Buddy Nugent (Bass)

    Paddy Monaco (Second Tenor)

    Mikey (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1960 - Darling / Do You Remember (Sigma 1003 / 1004)


    Biography :

    The Sinceres, on Sigma Records, were from the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn . Several nationalities make up this group from New York : Billy Johnsen is Norwegian and German, Buddy Nugent is Irish, Mikey is polish, Paddy Monaco is Italian and  tenor Georgie is South American. The Sinceres cut "Darling" b/w "Do You Remember" for Sigma Records in 1960.  The lead singer, Billy Johnson, of the Sinceres, was most influenced by Jimmy Gallagher, lead of the Passions.   The Sinceres used to appear  at the St. Thomas of Aquinas Church on Flatbush Ave and Flatlands Ave.  A couple of guys, from the Marine Park section of Brooklyn, were greatly influenced by the Sinceres appearances and they then put together the Caslons  ("Anniversary Of Love").
    By Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY.


    Songs :

    Do you remember                                          Darling              


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