• The Escorts (6)  

    The Escorts (6) (Brooklyn, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Rodney Garrison (Lead)

    Richard Berg

    Richard Perry (Bass)

    Richard Rosenberg


    Discography :

    The Legends
    N/A - Zoom, Zoom, Zoom  (Unreleased)

    The Escorts (6)
    1962 - Gloria / Seven Wonders Of The World (Coral 62302)
    1962 - As I Love You / Gaudeamus (Coral 62317)
    1962 - Somewhere / Submarine Race Watching (Coral 62336)
    1963 - My Heart Cries For You / Give Me Tomorrow (Coral 62385)

    The Escorts (6) Featuring Goldie
    1963 - One Hand, One Heart / I Can't Be Free (Coral 62349)

    Goldie & The Escorts (6)
    1963 - Back Home Again / Something Has Changed Him (Coral 62372)


    Biography :

    The Year was 1961 and a local high school group from Polly Prep in Bay Ridge Brooklyn had recorded a demo "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom ». Richard Rosenberg, Richard Berg, Richard Perry and lead singer Jim Picardi had stopped the demo around ending up at Coral Records. That attracted the interest of Dick Jacobs, a conductor/arranger/A&R man at Coral Records -- who also happened to be the father of a classmate from the school and they were signed to a recording contract.

    The Escorts (6)

    By the time of their first session, however, Rodney Garrison had replaced Picardi on lead vocals. Their first four sides, "Gloria," "Seven Wonders of the World," "Gaudeamus", and "As I Love You," revealed The Escorts as an unusually talented and spirited white doo wop group, reminiscent of the Mystics but with some fascinating wrinkles to their sound. And while those sides never charted, they did get local club bookings.

    The Escorts (6)      The Escorts (6)

    It was at one such booking, at the Lollipop Lounge, that they made the acquaintance of an aspiring female singer named Genya Zelkowitz, who used the nickname "Goldie." The next time The Escorts went into the studio, Garrison had departed and Zelkowitz was singing lead -- "Submarine Race Watching" was far more advanced than The Escorts' first sides, and their rendition of "Somewhere" from West Side Story showed how rich and compelling the mix of female falsetto and male doo wop accompaniment could be. They later worked and recorded for a time as Goldie & the Escorts, and Zelkowitz developed a very unusual girlish-yet-soulful approach to singing that might've carried them somewhere.

    The Escorts (6)    The Escorts (6)

    Goldie remained the lead singer up to the groups final release, turning the reins over her song writer friend Bobby Lance. Goldie wanted to continue singing but the guys were in college and had other ideas. She formed an all girl band with drummer , Ginger Panebianco, Margo Croccito and Carol MacDonald, so was born Goldie & The Gingerbreads.


    Songs :

    The Legends

    Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

    The Escorts (6)

    Gloria                     Seven Wonders Of The World             As I Love You

    Gaudeamus                    Somewhere                   Submarine Race Watching

    My Heart Cries For You         Give Me Tomorrow

    The Escorts (6) Featuring Goldie

    One Hand, One Heart                    I Can't Be Free

    Goldie & The Escorts (6)

    Back Home Again                 Something Has Changed Him

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