• The Corals (3)

    The Corals (3) (Jersey City)


    Personnel :

    Linda Kirkland

    Marie Poole

    Daisy Yarbrough

    Thelma Yarbrough


    Discography :

    1962 - My Best Friend / Dancin' & Cryin' (Rayna 5010 / Kram 1001)
    1962 - The Puppet / Tell Me Yes (Tell Me No) (Blackbird 4004 / Cheer 1001]


    Biography :

    In 1962, agent Michael Amato from Jersey City who discovered "Ronnie & The Hi-Lites" have a new group, The Corals. Te group consists of Linda Kirkland; 16, Marie Poole, 16, and sisters Daisy, 13, and Thelma Yarbrough. The girls all attend Ferris High. The Corals released "My Best Friend" b/w "Dancin' & Cryin'" first on Kram (1962). The same songs were re-issued on Rayna the same year. They also did "Puppet" on Blackbird that year, which was re-issued on Cheer. New York City labels. Their records was produced by Hal Wess whose wife wrote all the songs.


    Songs :

    My Best Friend                             Dancin' & Cryin'

    The Puppet                                    Tell Me Yes


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