• The Pageants (1)
    The Original Pageants with Rocco Galante on lead (center)

    The Pageants (1) (Newark, New Jersey)


    Personnel  :

    Tony "Dee" DuBella (Lead)

    John Albanese

    Vince Luciano

    Sammy Ventola

    Sibby ..?


    Discography :

    Toy Dee &  The Pageants (1)
    Single :
    1961 - Saturday Romance / Make You My Queen (Du-Well 101/Arlen 731)
    1961 - Vickie Lee ((Urania)

    Paul Kirk &  The Pageants (1)
    1959 - Long Ago    / Ready Little Steady (Urania 5006)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Newark, New Jersey fronted in 1958 by Rocco Galante  with John Albanese, Vince Luciano, Sammy Ventola and Sibby... The Pageants have been singing at school dances in the area for the past year. Unfortunately, when they were ready to record, their lead singer, Rocco Galante left the group. John Albanese recruited Tony DuBella to replace it. In August 1959, Bill Nielsen, general manager of Urania Records signed the Pageants and Paul Kirk, a young pop singer. Tony DuBella, wrote both tunes for their first disk "Saturday Romance" and "Vickie Lee".

    The Pageants (1)  The Pageants (1)

    The Pageants recorded the original version of "Saturday Romance" on Urania Records in NY City with the flip side "Vickie Lee", however the song never was released due to Urania going belly up.  At the same session The Pageants  backed up Paul Kirk singing on "Long ago" and "Ready Little Steady". Paul Kirk's record will be released the next month while the Pageants will have to wait more than two years with another flip side "Make You My Queen". The Single was released in October 1961 by Du-Well Records in New York as Tony Dee & The Pageants.

    Songs :

    The Pageants (1)

     Saturday Romance                          Make You My Queen

    Paul Kirk &  The Pageants (2)

        Long Ago                                         Ready Little Steady


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