• The Tonnettes (2) (Memphis, Tennessee)
    aka The Dixie Belles


    Personnel :

    Mary Hunt

    Mildred Pratcher

    Shirley Thomas


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1962 - Please Don't Go / No Tears (Volt 101)
    1962 - Stolen Angel / Teardrop Sea (Volt 104)

    Unreleased :
    1962 - Come To Me (Volt)
    1962 - Heavenly Angel (Volt)
    1962 - Tell Me (Volt)
    1962 - The Rotation (Volt)
    1962 - Unhand That Man (Volt)


    Biography :

    The Tonettes were Shirley Thomas, Mary Hunt and Mildred Pratchett.Theirs were the first voices to be heard on the Stax/Volt label when ‘No Tears’ became Volt 101 in early 1962 . The Tonettes had a second single a few months later, and recorded enough material to fill four more 45s, but they caught an unexpected break when Nashville label Sound Stage 7 needed a black female group to go out as the Dixiebelles to promote a studio-created Hot 100 hit called ‘Down At Papa Joe’s’.

    A recording session at Stax with Mary Hunt and Mildred Pratchett

     The singers on the "‘Down At Papa Joe’s’" were members of The Anita Kerr Singers. Later on Shirley Thomas left The Tonettes. She was replaced by Eula Jean Rivers and Barbara McCoy and the group name was changed to The Charmels.


    Songs :
    Updated by Hans-Joachim

    Teardrop Sea                            No Tears                            Stolen Angel

    Please Don't Go                          Come To Me                   Heavenly Angel

    Tell Me                               The Rotation                             Unhand That Man



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