• The Inspirations (1) (Pittsburg, Ca.)
    aka The Marcels (1)


    Personnel :

    Carleton Brown (Lead)

    Cedric Wilson (Baritone)

    Jerry Jackson

    Don Stevens


    Discography :

    The Marcels (1)

    Singles :
    1958 - Betty Lou / Take Me Back (Bob Jeffries bb the Marcels) (Jody 123)
    195? - So Hard To Please  / You'll Never Know (The Mondellos) (Rhythm 118)

    Unreleased :
    1956 - Wait For Me (Acapella) (Music City)
    1956 - Indian Jane (Acapella) (Music City)
    1956 - So Hard To Please (Acapella) (Music City)

    The Inspirations (1)
    1958 - Don't Cry / Indian Jane (Lamp 2019)


    Biography :

    This was not the "Blue Moon" Marcels, but a local Pittsburg group from California . This vocal group from the West Coast, recorded in the Bay Area by record man Ray Dobard, who spun the label off from his record store. One of his specialties was doo wop and he recorded way more than he released. The Marcels featured lead singer Carleton Brown, backed by Cedric Wilson, Floyd White and Georges White recorded several tracks in 1956 for Ray Dobard'Music City owner : "So Hard To Please", "Wait For Me" and "Indian Jane".

                 Don Barksdale                                                                                                                  Bob Jeffries

    In 1958, They cut " Betty Lou" and they're behind Bob Jeffries on "Take Me Back" on Rhythm's Jody Records subsidiary (an Oakland label owned by college basketball hall of famer and legendary KDIA-AM  Don Barksdale.) Bob Jeffries was also the lead singer of the Sharptones who recorded on the post label and he had the distinction of being backed bay The Marcels and The Mondellos on two separate recording sessions.

    L to R, Cedric Wilson, Don Stevens, Jerry Jackson & Carleton Brown

    The group's lineup has changed frequently, the Group-Singer-Songwriter Carleton Brown, Cedric Wilson later joined up with Jerry Jackson and Don Stevens (Aka Rick Stevens), they went nowhere as the Marcels  but later re-recorded "Indian Jane" for Lamp records as the Inspirations.  In the early 1960's Rick Stevens performed in nightclubs around Reno, where he was known as "Mr. Twister". Rick joined the group Tower of Power in 1969.

    Songs :

    The Marcels (1)

    Betty Lou                     So Hard To Please                        Take Me Back

    The Inspirations (1)

    Don't Cry                              Indian Jane



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