• The Teenangels (2) (Mobile, Alabama)

    Personnel :

    Patricia Patrick

    Terry Everett

    Bonnie Daugherty

    Discography :

    1963 - Tell Me My Love / Ain't Gonna Let You (Sun 388)

    Biography :

    Jimmie Otto Rogers ( son of Bluebird country star Jesse Rogers and cousin of yodelin' Jimmie Rogers) came to Sun with Luke McDaniel.  In 1958, Rogers went back to Mobile, Alabama to work as a songwriter and independent producer. He sold masters to Top Rank, Roulette, Dot, and other labels, and in April 1963 he sold two acts to Sun, the Teenangels and the Quintones. The Teenangels consisted of Patricia Patrick, Terry Everett, and Bonnie Daugherty, and they recorded two songs in March 1961 at Roger's Melotone Studio. The record wasn't officially released.

    Sun pressed promo copies, but Rogers was dissatisfied the promotional effort Sun was putting into it and grabbed the masters back.  The Teenagels were clearly fashioned after The Fleetwood's, a best-selling act in 1961. In fact, the Teenangels even look like the Fleetwoods. By late 1963, when the disc would have appeared, the Fleetwoods sound was well past its prime and Sun's promotional efforts were best described as minimal.

    Songs :

    Tell Me My Love                               Ain't Gonna Let You





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