• The Parakeets (1) (Washington DC.)

    Personnel :

    Homer Saunders (Lead)

    John Burt (First Tenor)

    Charles Hockaday (Second Tenor)

    Leroy Wright (Baritone)

    Leo Griffin (Guitar)

    Harold Brodgins (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1954 - Give Me Time / I'm Losing My Mind (Gem 218)
    1973 - Give Me Time / Candy Bar Boogie (Roadhouse 1005)

    Unreleased :
    1954 - Don't Leave My Broken Heart
    1954 - Looking For You
    1954 - My Love Is True

    Biography :

    After school ended at 3 p.m, everyone headed for the corner of Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street in Northwest Washington, where many groups could be found harmonizing together to the latest tunes of the day. One such group to come out of this area was the Parakeets. Originally formed in 1952 at Banneker Junior High, the group consisted of the late Homer Saunders, John Burt, Charles Hockaday, Leroy Wright, Leo Griffin and the late Harold Brodgins.

    The Parakeets performed at may shows around town and traveled to New York for an audition with Atlantic Records. While there, they made an amateur appearance at the famed Apollo Theater. Returning To Washington, the group took top billing on Frank Motley and his Crew's Big Revue of 1954. The Group cut one single for the Gem label. Their songs was recorded on March 3, 1954 (for Lillian Clairborne of DC Records). The master was obtained by Les Moss, who released it in 1973 on ROADHOUSE 1005.

    Songs :
    updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Looking For You                      Candy Bar Boogie                 My Love Is True

    Give Me Time        Don't Leave My Broken Heart      Candy Bar Boogie (alternate take)



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