The Fashions (1)  (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    Jacki La Vant (Lead)

    Charles Davis

    Herb Williams




    Discography :

    1959 - I'm Dreaming Of You / Lonesome Road (V-Tone 202)
    1959 - I'm Dreaming Of You / I Love You So (V-Tone 202)


    Biography :

    V-tone Records was an important regional R&B label during the late fifties and early sixties. Couceived in the back room of Venton "Buddy" Caldwell's busy upholstery shop on Ridege avenue in Philadelphia. Jacki La Vant had just graduated from Dobbins Vocational high school in North Philadelphia in the Summer 1957 when her father, booking agent Leroy Jackson, teamed her up with Charles Davis, Herb Williams, Robbie and Bobby. They called themselves the Fashions and their only though quite memorable, V-tone single, "I'm Dreaming Of You" b/w "Lonesome Road", was released in March 1959. The Fashions set their sights on greater goals, and eventually became a polished club and show band which toured military bases all over the world. "I'm Dreaming Of You" received strong regional R&B airplay, although Caldwell replace "Lonesome Road " with an original song, "I love You So" at the flip side, probably to avoid higher royalty payments… Jacki La Vantmade the transition to gospel in the seventies and continued to sing regularly with various church group.

    Songs :

    I'm Dreaming Of You                  Lonesome Road                         I Love You So    


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