• Jay Walker & The Pedestrians (1)
    Peter Antell

    Jay Walker & The Pedestrians (1) (New York)

    Personnel :

    Peter Antell  (Jay Walker) (Lead)

    Nick "Cardell" Cardella (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    1962 - Hey Now / Never Happen (Amy 348)

    Biography :

    Pete Antell grew up as Peter Blaise Antonio in St. Albans, Queens, home to musical luminaries like Count Basie. When Pete was 10, his family moved to Levittown, Long Island. Pete took up playing the guitar. By the time he was in high school, Pete had expanded his musical horizons by writing his own songs. His first band was called Tony Leopard and the Spots. This band was fortunate enough to make several 45s as the backing band for the Charades and other vocal groups recording at Allegro Studio in New York City.

    Jay Walker & The Pedestrians (1)     Jay Walker & The Pedestrians (1)
                                                                                                               Nick Cardell

    With John Lindle, Pete Antell was part of the Chants. Pete Antell resumed his creative schedule, recording some sides for Amy Records under the pseudonym Jay Walker and The Pedestrians with Nick Cardell on first tenor. In 1963, Nick Cardell & his new group recorded as the Four Fifths.


    Songs :

    Hey Now                                    Never Happen


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