• The Voxpoppers (Canarsie, New-York)

    Personnel :

    Freddie Tamburo

    Sal Tamburo

    Harry Tamburo

    Richard Bernardi

    Gene Shaeffer

    Discography :

    Singles :
    The Voxpoppers
    1958 - The Last Drag / Wishing For Your Love  (Mercury 71282/Amp-3 1004)
    1958 - Pony Tail / Ping Pong Baby (Mercury 71315)
    1958 - Come Back Little Girl / A Love To Last A Lifetime   (Poplar 107)
    1958 - Why Do You Treat Me This Way / Come Back Little Girl (Poplar 112)
    1959 - Can't Understand it / Blessing After All (Versailles 200)
    1962 - In My Heart Of Hearts / Talk, Talk (Eddie Reeves) (Warwick 681)

    Freddie and The Voxpoppers
    1960 - Lonely For You / Helen Isn't Tellin' (Warwick 589)

    Eps :
    1958 - The last drag / Wishing for your love / Stroll Roll / Guitar Stroll (Mercury EP 3391)



    Biography :

    Little is known about this group who had one US chart single, "Wishing For Your Love", in 1958 before returning to obscurity.


    The group was a quintet (including saxophone, accordion, guitar, bass and drums) from New York City, and had earlier recorded both instrumentals and vocal ballads for such labels as Poplar and Amp-3.

       They cut "Wishing For Your Love", written by Sampson Horton, for the latter label and when it received airplay, the larger Mercury Records picked up distribution and the single reached the US Top 20.


    They continued to record for Mercury and Warwick Records but disappeared from the scene before long.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    A Blessing After All       Wishing For Your Love      Why Do You Treat Me This Way

    A Love To Last A Lifetime           Can't Understand It                 Pony Tail

    Lonely For You                     The Last Drag                         Ping Pong Baby

    Come Back Little Girl             In My Heart Of Hearts       Helen Isn't Tellin'






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