• 1954 - The Five Turbans (L to R) H.Hudson, H.Lewis, B.Bernard, C.Dorsey and T.Goodrich

    The Five Turbans (Indianapolis, IN.)
    aka The Monograms (1)


    Personnel :

    Hilton Hudson (Baritone/Tenor)

    Bobby Bernard (Baritone/Tenor)

    Clarence Dorsey (Baritone/Tenor)

    Tony Goodrich (Baritone/Bass)

    Herman Lewis (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Five Turbans
    1954 - Christmas Prayer / Yuletide Story (Deb 802)

    The Monograms (1)
    1957 - Please Baby Please / My Baby Dearest Darling (Saga 100)


    Biography :

    Indianapolis R&B outfit the Monograms formed in 1953 -- vocalists Bobby Bernard, Clarence Dorsey, Tony Goodrich, Hilton Hudson, and Herman Lewis formed the group while attending Arsenal Technical High School, originally dubbing themselves the Five Turbans (and wearing said headgear during their performances at local nightspots). The 5 Turbans played most of the clubs around Indianapolis, including George's Bar and Orchid Room, the Missile Club, the Cotton Club, the Pink Poodle, the Barrington Lounge, the Trianon Ballroom, and the B&B Supper Club.

     The Monograms (1) aka The Five Turbans
    1954 - The Five Turbans on WFBM-TV.

    Their repertoire consisted mostly of the big hits of the day and their own interpretations of standards. In October, Leo Lesser (owner of George's Bar and Orchid Room) announced his new label, Deb Records. The 5 Turbans recorded "Christmas Prayer" and "Yuletide Story" in November 1954. After rejecting a contract offer from Sun Records on the advice of their attorney, the quintet members renamed themselves the Monograms in 1954.

     The Monograms (1) aka The Five Turbans    The Monograms (1) aka The Five Turbans

    According to Marv Goldberg's profile in the April 2005 issue of Blues & Rhythm, fledgling jazz great Wes Montgomery occasionally sat in on guitar, and as their local fame grew they auditioned unsuccessfully for Chess Records. The Monograms signing to the local Saga imprint to release "Please Baby Please" b/w "My Baby Dearest Darling" in 1957.

    1957 - The Monograms (L to R) H.Lewis, T.Goodrich, C.Dorsey, H.Hudson and B.Bernard

    Indianapolis radio played "Please Baby Please" regularly but it did not earn notice outside the area, eventually prompting the group to dissolve in early 1959. Later that year Bernard revived the Monograms name, assembling a new lineup featuring lead tenor Charles Anderson, first tenor Robert "Chico" Penick, and second tenor Johnny Hardiman. Although it never recorded, this incarnation of the group continued until 1964, when Anderson resigned due to health issues and was replaced by George Black.

     The Monograms (1) aka The Five Turbans  
    1964 -  The Monograms

    When Bernard exited the following year, the Monograms' days appeared officially numbered, but despite regular personnel changes the group continued performing until the mid-'70s.


    Songs :

    The Monograms (1) 

    My Baby Dearest Darling         Please Baby Please





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