• Top: Tony Maples; Middle Row: Bobby Thomas, Roosevelt McDuffie, Frank Hosendove; Bottom: Bobby Young 


    The V-Eights (Asbury Park, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Roosevelt McDuffie (First Tenor)

    Leroy Brown (Second Tenor)

    Tony Maples (Tenor)

    Delmar "“Kirby”" Goggins (Tenor)

    Frank Hosendove (Bass)


    Discography :

    The V-Eights
    1960 - My Heart / Papa's Yellow Tie (Vibro 4005/ABC 10201)        
    1961 - Everything That You Said / Guess What (Vibro 4006)

    Stoney Jackson & The V-Eights
    1961 - Let's Take A Chance / Hot Water (Vibro 4007)



    Biography :

    Asbury Park, NJ-based R&B vocal group the V-Eights were founded in 1958. According to Marv Goldberg's profile in the September 1975 issue of Yesterday's Memories, first tenor Roosevelt McDuffie previously recorded with the Vibranaires (aka the Vibes), who scored a major regional hit with 1954's "Doll Face" before military duties forced them to part ways.

    Frank Hosendove, Bobby Young, Tony Maples, Bobby Thomas, Roosevelt McDuffie

    Tenors Leroy Brown, Tony Maples, and Delmar "Kirby" Goggins along with bass Frank Hosendove completed the original V-Eights lineup. When Brown dropped out of sight in 1960, McDuffie enlisted Vibranaires founder Bobby Thomas as his replacement, and at year's end the V-Eights resurfaced on manager Gervais Tilman's Vibro label with "My Heart" -- Goggins was the next to go, with tenor Henry "Stoney" Jackson, who had been with Paul Himmelstein's Heartbreakers , taking his place for 1961's "Everything You Said."

    Henry "Stoney" Jackson                                                                                               

     After the follow-up, "Let's Take a Chance," Jackson too exited, and despite adding tenor Bobby Young, the V-Eights split in 1962. McDuffie, Thomas, and Young later reunited in a reconstituted Vibranaires, and in 1966 the trio joined Sonny Til in his immortal doo wop ensemble the Orioles.




    Songs :
    The V-Eights

    My Heart                                   Papa's Yellow Tie

     Everything That You Said                      Guess What

    Stoney Jackson & The V-Eights

    Let's Take A Chance                          Hot Water




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