• The Five Reasons
    The Five Reasons (Manhattan, New York)

    Personnel :

     Fred Finati

    Chuck Foote

    Bobby Castro

    Jerry Gold

    Stan Hosner


    Discography :

    1958 - Three o'Clock Rock / Go To School (Cub 9006)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from the Lower East Side in Manattan, The group  did a show with the Crests (16 candles) and the Elegants (Little Star) before there smash hits came out.

    The Five Reasons    The Five Reasons                                                                           Don Kishner

    Sylvester Bradford (writer of "Tears On My Pillow") introduced the young group to Don Kishner of Aldon Music. In 1958, They recorded "Three o'Clock Rock" b/w "Go To School", the two song were released on Cub records. In 1960,  Chuck Foote sang in 1958 with the Johnny Maestro's Crests.

    Songs :

    Three o'Clock Rock                            Go To School





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