• The Saxons (1) (Los Angeles, CA)

    Personnel :

    Tommy "Buster" Williams (Lead)

    Jesse Belvin (Second Tenor)

    Eugene Church (Baritone)

    Gaynel Hodge (Vocals/Piano)

    Johnny Watson (Bass and guitar)

    Discography :

    1958 - Is It True / Rock 'N' Roll Show (Contender 1313)
    1958 - Tryin' / My Love Is True (Tampa 139)

    Biography :

    One of Jesse Belvin's myriad groups is the Saxons. This one had consisted of Belvin, Eugene Church, Gaynel Hodge, Tommy "Buster" Williams and Johnny Watson .

                                                           (paste-up picture ) Belvin, Watson, Hodge, Church, Williams

    In 1957 they had recorded "Is It True" and "Rock And Roll Show" for Motola, which he finally got around to releasing in June of 1958. (By that time, they had also released "Tryin'" and "My Love Is True," on Robert Scherman and Irv Shorten's Tampa label, in February 1958.

    Songs :

    Is It True                                      Rock 'N' Roll Show

    Tryin                                             My Love Is True

    Cds :

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