• The Classic IV aka The Classic Four  

    The Classic IV  (Philadelphia)
    aka The Classic Four


    Personnel :

    Andy Petruzelli (Lead)

    Albert Buccini (Baritone)

    Johnny Delagol (Tenor)

    Bob Camardella (Bass)


    Discography :


    The Classic IV
    1962 - Island Of Paradise / What Will I Do (Without You)  (Twist 1001)

    1962 - Please Be Mine / Heavenly Bliss (Twist 1003/1004)

    The Classic Four
    1962 - Early Christmas / Limbo Under The Christmas Tree (Algonquin 1650)

    1962 - What Will I Do (Without You) / True Story  (Algonquin 1651)


    1962 - This To Me Is Love (Twist)
    1962 - My Mama Told Me (Twist)


    Biography :

    The Classic Four were from Penn & Magnolia streets in Germantown, Philadelphia. Members were Andy Petruzelli, Johnny Delagol, Al Buccini & Bob Camardella. They cut some demos for Artie Singer (discoverer of Danny & Juniors & owner of Singular & Twist Records) .Two singles was released on his Twist label in 1962 as The Classic IV. "Island of Paradise" was a local hit for the group..

    After their two singles on Twist records, Johnny Delagol Left the group. At this time, the group was managed by Jeanette Carey. An enterprising sort, Jimmy Testa from the Fabulous Four was employed by Crisconi Oldsmobile, where he sidled up to the owner’s daughter, Jeanette Carey….

    The Classic Four aka The Classic IV  

    Jeanette Auditioned Jimy on the spot and convincing him to join the Classic IV. Jimmy Testa replaced Johnny Delagol in the group. They signed a recording contract with Algonquin records, a New Yorl Label and cut two new singles as the Classic Four.                     


    The Classic IV's both algonquin disking's were quickly ground into sawdust. With that they went their separate ways.


    Songs :

    Island Of Paradise                What Will I Do                  Please Be Mine

    Heavenly Bliss                  Early Christmas       Limbo Under The Christmas Tree

    True Story


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