• The Halos (1)  (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Craftys  



    J.R Bailey (lead)

    Phil Johnson (Lead)

    Harold Johnson (Second Tenor)

    Al Cleveland (Baritone)

    Arthur crier (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :

    The Halos (1)
    1961 - Nag / Copy cat (7 arts 709)
    1961 - Come on / What d i say (7 arts 720)
    1962 - Village of love / Mean old world (Trans atlas 690)

    Cammy Carol & The Halos (1)
    1961 - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind / Until The Day I Die (Elmor 302)

    The Craftys
    1961 - L-O-V-E / Heartbreaking World (7 Arts 5708)
    1961 - L-O-V-E / [The Candysticks - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby] (Lois 5000)
    1962 - Zoom Zoom Zoom / I Went To A Party (Elmor 310)


    LPs :

    1961 - The Halos (Warwick lp 2046)
    Nag / Your Precious Love / Bird Dog / I Went To A Party / Copy Cat / If I Had Known / What'd I Say / Mean Old World / Down The Road / Crazy Bells / Oh What A Night / Come On


    Biography :

    After The mellows broke up Arthur Crier started The Halos The original group consisted of JR Bailey (first tenor), Harold Johnson (second tenor), Al Cleveland (baritone) and Arthur Crier (bass), Al Cleveland was from Pittsburgh and was in New York trying to make it as singers fate would have it he had had any luck and was on Broadway waiting to catch a bus to go home, Arthur and Charles Spencer had to do some demo work and needed a third voice when they left the Brill Building they saw Cleveland and asked if he could sing.

    The Halos group recorded "Nag" (# 25 Billboard Hot 100 in 1961) (with JR Bailey makes 'nagging sounds ") The flip (b-side to" Nag ")' Copy CatR21, was actually one a previouslye recorded duet between Arthur and Carl had been done for Morty Craft

        The Halos (1) aka The Craftys

    JR Bailey decided that he did not want to travel and was replaced by Phil Johnson, formerly led by Duval on Kelit and Club (Bailey later joined The Cadillacs)Although the Halos went on lists of "Nag" Morty Craft decided to drop two pages that the group had cut in the same session, LOVE and heartbreaking World But since the group already had a record going for them Craft has decided to call them Craftys. The Halos in addition to making his own material was a very productive back-up group of exchange members from session to session.

    Gene Pitney                                                 Curtis Lee                                        Barry Mann

    The group included frequently Carl Spencer, Bobby Spencer, JR Bailey and Gary Morrison Some of their background work included Curtis Lee (Pretty Little Angel Eyes), Barry Mann (who put Bomp) Ben E King (Do not Play That Song) Connie Francis Tommy Hunt Bobby Vinton The Coasters Brian Hyland Johnny Nash Dion Little Eva Gene Pitney (Every Breath I take) ShirLey Lee & Johnny Mathis and many others too numerous to mention


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Halos (1)
    Crazy Bells                                   Nag / Copy cat

    Your Precious Love                                   What'd I Say      

    The Craftys

    Love                                           Zoom Zoom Zoom

    I Went To A Party                    Heartbreaking World

    Gene Pitney                                  Barry Mann                          Curtis Lee

           Every Breath I take                    Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp, Bomp Bomp                  Pretty Little Angel Eyes


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