• The Four Fellas (1)
    front : Mike Peterson, Margo Spicer and Mickey Turner Rear John Holland and Noel Kobayashi

    The Four Fellas (1) (Gardena, California)

    Personnel :

    Mickey Turner (Lead)

    Margo Spicer (Lead)

    Mike Peterson

    John Holland

    Noel Kobayashi


    Discography :

    The Four Fellas (1) (Featuring Mickey Turner)
    1958 - Be There Baby / Rock With A Redhead (Vellez 1403)

    The Four Fellas (1) (Mickey & Margo) / The Four Fellas (1)
    1958 - Hi! Honey, Baby Baby / Hop, Skip, Jump (Vellez 1404)

    Mickey Turner   
    1960 - I May Never See You Again / Honest I Do (Revolvo 46/47)


    Biography :

    In 1958, Five local teenager have signed a contract with Vellez Records and have cut four Sides under the name of Margo and the Four Fellas. The youths are John Holland,  Mike Peterson, and Noel Kobayashi Gardena High graduates,  Margo Spicer attending Gardena and Mickey Turner of Torrance. The four tunes are "Be There Baby” backed by "Rock With A Redhead” by The Four Fellas and "Hi Honey Baby Baby' by Margo and Mickey backed by "Hop Skip And Jump” by the Four Fellas singing in harmony. Vellez will release the first two tracks as "The Four Fellas featuring Mickey Turner" and the next two as "Mickey & Margo" & The Four Fellas" and "The Four Fellas".

    The Four Fellas (1)     The Four Fellas (1)

    The Four Fellas who hare been graduated from high school have enrolled at college in various part of the country. Holland left for Dartmouth College the day after the recording session where he have studying medicine like Kobayashi , Peterson is at UCLA and Turner at Harbor JC. In 1960, Mickey Turner would record two sides: "I May Never See You Again"and "Honest I Do" released by another small Californian label : Revolvo.

    Songs :



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