• The Vibes (3) (Chicago)
    aka The Jayhawks aka The Vibrations aka The Marathons (2) aka The Cleeshays

    Personnel :

    Richard Owens (High Tenor)

    James Johnson (First Tenor)

    Carl Fisher (Second Tenor)

    Dave Govan (Baritone)

    Don Bradley (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - What's Her Name / You Are (Allied 10006 )
    1959 - Misunderstood / Let The Old Folks Talk (Allied 10007)

    Biography :

    When their last singles ("Everyone Should Know"/"The Creature") failed to take off, the Jayhawks hooked up with promoter C.E. Tebbets. They decided to change their image, because they felt they were being typecast as a "novelty" act. The first thing was to get a new name.


    They changed their name to the Vibes for two singles on the Allied label, but in 1959 they were again credited as the Jayhawks for a further two singles on Eastman Records. Then, in 1960, they changed their name - almost for the last time - to the Vibrations.

    Songs :

    What's Her Name                       You Are                       

      Misunderstood                Let The Old Folks Talk



    CDs :

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