• Ray & The Quarter Notes (2)
    1959 (Joe, Lou, Ray, Ann and Ed)

    Ray & The Quarter Notes (2) (Miami, FL)


    Personnel :

    Ramón "Ray" Claveria (Lead & Guitar)

    Louis "Lou" Claveria (vocal)

    Joe (vocal & Guitar)

    Ann (vocal)

    Ed (vocal)


    Discography :

    1958 - You'll Always Be Mine and Rose / ---- (Scott 1204)


    Biography :

    Born July 29, 1942 in Palma Soriano, Oriente, Cuba. Professionally known as Ray and Ray Milan, Ramón Claveria started his musical career in Miami, FL at the age of 15. Under the guidance of his mentor, Henry Stone, He formed the vocal group Ray and The Quarter Notes with his brother Louis, Joe, Ann and Ed. His first single record, “You’ll Always Be Mine and Rose,” was released in 1958 under the Scott Record Label.

    Ray & The Quarter Notes (2)

    Next, Ramón moved to New York City with his brother Lou and new members, Bob, Greg & Dave. He signed on with the Jolly Joyce Theatrical Agency and was headlined as “Ray Milan and the Quarter-Notes". ABC Paramount Records signed the group and in 1963 released the album, “Million Sellers Go Bossa Nova,” featuring the talented group.

    Ray & The Quarter Notes (2)   Ray & The Quarter Notes (2)

    Ramon performed with the Quarter-Notes throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, sharing the stage with such greats as Johnny Rivers (“Memphis, Tennessee”), Joey Dee and the Starlighters (“The Peppermint Twist”), and Little Anthony and the Imperials (“Hurts So Bad”). Ramón also toured with the Tokens as a back-up singer. The group toured extensively in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. The Tokens are well known for their 1961 hit, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which was revived in the Disney animated film and the play, The Lion King.


    Songs :



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  • The Palisades (2)
    1959 - L to R: Jim Fleming, Larry Knechtel, Dick Gabriel, Brian Garfield, John Armstrong.

    The Palisades (2) (Tucson, Arizona)


    Personnel :

    Jim Fleming

    Larry Knechtel

    Dick Gabriel

    Brian Garfield

    John Armstrong

    Personnel :

    1960 - I Can't Quit / Close Your Eyes (Calico 113)


    Biography :

    Brian Francis Wynne Garfield grew up in Arizona, earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Arizona. At the University of ArizonaHe he formed a five-man group vocal & instrumental called The Palisades consisted of Brian , Jim Fleming, Larry Knechtel, Dick Gabriel and John Armstrong. The five switched instruments all the time, though Garfield usually wound up playing either bass or lead guitar.

    The Palisades (2)    The Palisades (2)

    They have a contract with Calico and top-40 hit with "I Can't Quit". They appeared on “American Bandstand” and other programs. Along the way, they spent several months playing in a lounge where the owner had a policy of bringing in guest acts. One time they brought in a singer they just knew was going to make it big, and 10 years later he did. Lou Rawls.

    The Palisades (2)

    The Palisades, however, reached a plateau about . $1,250 week and came to the collective decision that they'd never get any bigger. One member split for Los Angeles, another became the bassist most in demand for studio work on the West Coast Larry Knechtel. The world later knew Brian Garfield as a multi-million seller famous book author that included Death Wish which was made into a movie starring Charles Bronson with 4 sequels.


    Songs :

    I Can't Quit                                      Close Your Eyes


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  •  Gary Haines & The Five Sequins

    Gary Haines & The Five Sequins (Marine City, Michigan)


    Personnel :

    Gary Haines (Lead)

    Al Quatrine

    Albert Alagna


Discography :

    1961 - Tse Tse Fly / Another Girl Like You (Kapp 383)



Biography :

    Gary Haines had been singing before audiences since he was 3 years old with his Mom Edith as his first accompanist. As a child, he sang in churches and camp meetings all over the state of Michigan. He had grown up in the Detroit Bethel Church of the Nazarene, living with his mother and brother in the home of his grandparents. His interest and development with music continued as he honed his skill as a young musician. Early on, he became enamored with the swing music of the day and began experimenting with its rhythms and sounds.  As a result, he organized his own group called "Gary Haines and The Sequins," a five-member band of singers and musicians that soon started to get radio play along with the demand to perform in high school dances and eventually clubs.

     Gary Haines & The Five Sequins     Gary Haines & The Five Sequins
                                                                                                                                                 Gary Haines

    In 1961, they recorded "Tse Tse Fly" b/w "Another Girl Like You" released by Kapp Records.  After the Sequins disbanded, Gary continued to sing solo in some of the best nightclubs in Detroit, and from all appearances, was embarking on a promising career. For the next 11 years, he enjoyed increasing fame and the so-called "good" life in a city that demanded the best by way of talent.


    Songs :

         Tse Tse Fly                                    Another Girl Like You



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  • The Five Lords (Boothwyn, PA)


    Personnel :

    Sylvanius "Slip" Franklin (Lead Tenor, Tenor)

    Harold Comegys (Scond Tenor)

    Joseph "Joe" Pryor (First Tenor)

    Elwood "Bunky" Robinson (Baritone) 

    John Walker (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Oo-La-La / Falling Tears (D&S 2078)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - My Darling Caroline (D&S)


    Biography :

    When Sylvanus "Syl" Franklin was a boy growing up in Lower Chichester, he wanted to be a famous vocalist with a big band. His dream sort of came true. In the mid-1950s, he and four other students at Chichester High School made up a singing group called The Five Lords. The others members were Elwood "Bunky" Robinson, Joe Pryor, Harold Comegys and John Walker.

    The Five Lords  The Five Lords

    The Five Lords cut three songs "Oo-La-La", "Falling Tears" and "My Darling Caroline" . "Oo-La-La" b/w "Falling Tears" was released on the tiny label D&S. They also could be heard on a local Chester radio station every week or so. The group broke up, but Sylvanius "Slip" Franklin  & Elwood "Bunky" Robinson would later become members of Jim Jacono & The J's. Franklin continued with his music - this time as a pianist, and sometimes vocalist.


    Songs :

    Oo-La-La                                               Falling Tears

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  • The "Hi-Tones" LeRoy Meadows and Dave First

    Jack Wallace & The Hi-Tones (1)    (Tucson, Arizona)


    Personnel :

    Jack Wallace (Lead)

    Dave First (Tenor)

    LeRoy Meadows (Bass)


    Discography :

    1959 - I Think Of You / You Are The One    (Zoom 001)


    Biography :

    Jack Wallace, whose performance at a Catalina High School dance in early 1959 inspired Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom to create Zoom Records. A mere eight days later, they were in the studio with Jack Wallace and the Hi-Tones!. Jack Wallace was Tucson's Elvis!  His deep vocals along with the doo-wop harmony of LeRoy Meadows and Dave First of the Hi-Tones are a real treat. This was the first Zoom Record and had the blue and silver label. Zoom Records was Southern Arizona’s first rock and roll record label. It was the creation of two 17 year old Tucson, Arizona, Catalina High School students, Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom.

    Jack Wallace & The Hi-Tones (1)     Jack Wallace & The Hi-Tones (1)
    Jack Wallace                                                                     Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom          

    All the records were produced during a short 7 month period in 1959, but they capture the independent rock sound of the era.They were all recorded in Phoenix at Audio Recorders of Arizona, where Duane Eddy made all his big hits. Legendary engineer, and Grammy award winner, Jack Miller was at the controls. He was famous later for sessions with many top stars including the Rolling Stones. None of the records were giant chart busters, but they got heavy play and made the hit sheets in Tucson as well as a few other places in the US and Europe. They continue to be included on many US and overseas compilation releases featuring 50's American rock and roll and rockabilly.

    Songs :

      I Think Of You                                You Are The One


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