• The Juveniles (Bronx, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Marilyn Bishop (aka Durant aka Piekarski) (Lead)

    Robert Perryman (First Tenor)

    Claude "Indio" Chenet (Second Tenor)

    Joseph Durant (Baritone)

    Larry Peters (Bass)


    Discography :

    1957 - Beat In My Heart / I've Lied (Mode 1)


    Biography :

    The Juveniles had a female lead singer named Marilyn Bishop who sang on a song entitled "Beat in my Heart" which was an original song written in 1957 and composed by her and four other teenage singers known as Robert Perryman, Claude "Indio" Chenet, Joseph Durant, and Larry Peters. In 1957, Marilyn Bishop Marilyn gave birth to a baby girl, Michelle, and left the Juveniles.  Larry Peters will make even some time after.  


    At this time, the group has only three members. Robert Perryman  stepped up to become the new lead singer and Cal Washington was recruited by Claude  Chenet to become the new first tenor. Cal had sung with a local street group, had a background in gospel and blues and also hung out with the Chords.  Pete Reyes was recruited by Bobby to replace Larry Peters as the bass singer. The Twilights now consisted of Robert Perryman (lead) Cal Washington (first tenor) Claude “Indio” Chenet (second tenor) Joseph Durant (baritone) and Peter Reyes (bass).




    Videos :

     Beat In My Heart


    Songs :

    Beat In My Heart                                I've Lied       



  • The Corvetts 

    The Corvetts (Rochester, New York)


    Personnel :

    Tony La Pietra

    Charles Milazzo

    Rudy Cali

    Bob Derose


    Discography :

    1961 – In The Chapel / The Swinging Smitty (Sheraton 201)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Rochester, New York composed by Tony La Pietra, Charles Milazzo, Rudy Cali and Bob Derose. The Corvetts started singing together in 1957 when they were at East High.

    The Corvetts

    Since then they have made numerous appearances, in 1961 the Corvetts cut their only record, " In The Chapel" b/w "The Swinging Smitty" released by Sheraton. Tony La Pietra wrote the words for "In The Chapel" and Charles Milazzo wrote the music

    Songs :

    In The Chapel


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  • The Chuck-A-Lucks (3) 

    The Chuck-A-Lucks (3) (Great Falls, Montana)


    Personnel :

    Robert Lee Clark

    Joseph R. Dubois

    Dwight John Osborne

    Ronald Tucker

    Kenneth Williams


    Discography :

    1961 - Pick Up And Deliver / Long John (Warner Bros 5198)
    1961 - Cotton Pickin' Love / I’m Hospitalized Over You (Warner Bros 5234)


    Biography :

    Very little info about this group. Mixed vocal group, the Chuck-A-Lucks performs in Great fall in the Montana from 1957, i presume they are from this region. The group consists of Joseph R. Dubois, Robert Lee Clark, Dwight John Osborne, Ronald Tucker and Kenneth Williams.It was not until 1961 to see a first single from the Chuck-A-Lucks released by Warner Bros with "Pick Up And Deliver" and "Long John", followed a few months later by "Cotton Pickin' Love" and "I’m Hospitalized Over You".

    The Chuck-A-Lucks (3)    The Chuck-A-Lucks (3)

    Ken Williams was the lead singer of the classic Northern Soul group, The Superiors, who were a fabulous New York harmony soul group in the 1960's. Ronald Tucker, was also in The Superiors. Ken was a very prolific songwriter, producer, and arranger, and often worked with the legendary Van McCoy, and occasionally also recorded songs as a solo singer as well, such as this classic, "Come Back" for Okeh. With the Superiors he recorded a huge classic called "What Would I Do", which seems to have been their only real monster on the scene. Ken also worked a lot with J.R. Bailey, and with Johnny Northern, two late but great geniuses.

    Songs :

    Pick Up And Deliver                             Long John       

         Cotton Pickin' Love                    I’m Hospitalized Over You


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  • The Trends (2)

    The Trends (2) (Philadelphia, PA.)

    Personnel :

    Tony Amaral

    Jim Romero

    Herbie Lopes

    Joe Lopes

    Discography :

    1959 - Silly Grin / Once Again (Scope 102)

    Biography :

    Formed in 1955 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where all the members were stationed in the U.S. Air Force,  the 4 Deuces change their name when a five member join the group. The new name they decided on was the "Del Vikings." They were  Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson, David Lerchey, Norman Wright, Don Jackson, Clarence Quick. There was actually a sixth member of the Del Vikings, Joe Lopes was added to the group as their guitarist.  Joe Lopes will be present at the first recordings of the group on Fee Bee Records, and will be an integral part of the Del-Vikings on Mercury until 1959.

    The Trends (2)    The Trends (2)
              The Mercury Del-Vikings with Joe Lopes (Top)                                    The Trends / Tren-Dels  with Joe Lopes (Top right)

    In 1959, Joe Lopes joined Tony Amaral, Jim Romero and Herbie Lopes in Philadelphia. The quartet, originally named The Tren-Dels will record "Silly Grin" and "Once Again". Scope Records will release the single as the Trends.  The Trends went on the road touring in the Northeast. They ran into lots of racial issues on the road. Having black and white musicians playing together was unheard of at the time. When they went on break, the black band members would have to go outside. They often couldn't stay in the same hotels or eat at the same restaurants. They had a big break and had to perform on American Band Stand ... But Tony's wife got pregnant and asked him to leave the road and that's when their tour ended. All the guys stayed friends and lived in the same area of New England.

    Songs :

    Silly Grin                                     Once Again


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  • The Escorts (8)
     L-R: Dennis DeVita, Daniel DeVita, Doug Scanelli, Phil Giarratano

    The Escorts (8) (Long Island, New York)
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    Personnel :

    Philip J. Giarratano "Phil Tano" (Lead)

    Dennis DeVita

    Danny DeVita

    Doug Scanelli

    Dave Kelley (Bass)


    Discography :

    Single :
    1961 - Happy / You're For Me (And I'm For You) (Taurus 350/351)

    n/a - Is It Any Wonder
    n/a - Lorraine
    n/a - Stormy Weather
    n/a - Walkin' My Baby Back Home
    n/a - You Just Don't Know


    Biography :

    The Escorts were a Long Island group, West Bablyon and North Babylon. The Escorts are Phil Giarratano, Dennis DeVita , Doug Scanell, Danny , and Dave Kelley did bass. The Group cut one single for Brooklyn's Taurus Records, a label perhaps best known for its belated and ultimately disappointing Fireflies' LP.

    The Escorts (8)

    Be that as it may, label owner Michael Sebianiano, who focused much of his energy on putting out the white vocal group sound that was enjoying success in the early 60's, did issue quite a bit of solid material. A few years later, in 1967, Phil Tano joined the Valrays, Rod McBrien, John Giametta and a new member, Meco Menardo for a single.


    Songs :

                      Happy                               You’re For Me (And I’m For You)

    Is It Any Wonder                         Lorraine                              Stormy Weather

    Walkin' My Baby Back Home           You Just Don't Know    


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