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Bobby Roy & The Chord-A-Roys | 27 mars 2015


Bobby Roy & The Chord-A-Roys (Brooklyn, New York)

Personnel :

Mike Regal (Lead)

Robert Walden

Shelly Weiss (First Tenor)

John Christiano (Bass)

Discography :

1959 - Little Girl Lost / Girls Were Made For Boys (JDS 5001)

Biography :

The Chord-A-Roys are a vocal group from Brooklyn fronted by Mike Regal with Robert Walden, Shelly Weiss and John Christiano. The group signed with JDS Records, a label run by veteran songwriter Joe Sherman, who arranged and produced "Little Girl Lost" and "Girls Were Made For Boys" at Bell Sound Studios. The group also backed Barry Mann on various demos that reportedly included "Who Put the Bomp" (In the Bomp Bomp Bomp).


The group broke up soon after and Shelly Weiss joined Mike Lasman, Allan Senzan and Ian Kaye & formed the Dreamers who cut a single for Carlton Records subsidiary’s label Guaranteed before changed their name to the Accents. Robert Walden will become an American television and motion picture actor.


Girls Were Made For Boys                              Little Girl Lost






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Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds | 26 mars 2015

Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds  (Seattle, Washington)

Personnel :
Joe Boot (Lead)

Robert Ayers

Rogers Wright

Discography :

1958 - Rock And Roll Radio / That's Tough  (Celestial 111)

Biography :

Originally formed in the early 1950s as the Southwinds, this 5-man vocal group began by performing strictly gospel-oriented music. Strictly, that is, until they crossed paths with a red-hot fireball of a rockin’ rhythm and blues singer named Joe Boot. From that point on, group members would ever be torn between spirituals and R&B. A compromise was struck and they added Boot, renamed themselves the Fabulous Winds, and proceeded to work up a mixed repertoire of tunes.  While retaining some of their devout members, the Winds worked out vocal arrangements for pop standards and eventually some of Boot’s originals.

By 1957 the Winds found themselves at one of Seattle’s pioneering recording studios, Dimensional Sound. Numerous sessions were held there with instrumental backing by the Floyd Standifer Orchestra. Boot seemed to know all of the top African-American stars who passed through town and on one occasion in the fall of ’57 none other than Little Richard Penniman stopped by a session at Dimensional and announced that he had just given up rock ‘n’ roll and returned to religion. Furthermore, having just abandoned his international rock tour, Penniman said that he as going to appear down the street at the Moore Theater to spread the Good Word at a revival show.

                                                                                                Floyd Standifer Orchestra

After a quick prayer with Penniman, the Winds agreed to appear at that show. But, unlike his sold-out dates in previous visits to Seattle – including a blistering matinee show at the Eagles Auditorium that very summer – Penniman’s Moore show was, reportedly, very poorly attended. Joe Boot and the Fabulous Winds, however, went on to cut what was most probably the very first rock ‘n’ roll record ever produced in the Pacific Northwest. Issued by Dimensional’s in-house label, Celestial Records, “Rock and Roll Radio” b/w “That’s Tough,” remains an ultra-rare, but remains an ultra-rare, but essential, regional classic.

Songs :

Rock And Roll Radio                              That's Tough

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The Four Uniques | 24 mars 2015

The "4" Uniques  (Chicago)

Personnel :

Ken Riccardo

Drew Rezula

Lonnie Wiel

Mike Brando

Discography :

The "4" Uniques
1961 - Looking For A Love / Too Young (Adam 9002)
1961 - She's The Only Girl for Me / Twistin Around (Adam 9004)
1961 - Good Luck Charm / Island Of Love (Deer 3002)
1964 - Endlessly / Maybe The Next Summer (USA753)

Jerry Vinar & The "4" Uniques
1961 - Your Love Is Just for Me / Please Tell (Variety 1028)

Biography :

Vocal quartet from the Northwest side of Chicago composed by Ken Riccardo, Lonnie Wiel, Drew Rezula and Mike Brando. the band signed a record contract with Adam in Chicago and recorded four pieces. Two singles will be published, " Looking For A Love " b/w " Too Young " and " She's The Only Girl for Me " b/w " Twistin Around " with the local well-known instrumental group The Mus-twangs.

The Mus-twangs

The Mus-twangs were Jerry Urban, growlin' sax, Paul Cotton, lead guitar and later, member of POCO, Buddy Riley, rhythm guitar, Guy (Frenchy) Germany, drums, and Keith Anderson, Bass.  The Mus-twangs appeared at Poppel's Under 21 Club, Riverdale, Ill and at numerous Jim Lounsbury Record Hops throughout the Chicago, Ill area 1961-1964.  The " 4 " Uniques  did many gigs and played at various festivals in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. In November 1961, before more than 2,000 spectators,  they served as the opening act for well-know singer Bobby Rydell’ in Madison (Wisconsin).


In April, 61 Jack Barthel, personal promo man, heads a newly formed record company Deer Records,  and in July, inked the Four Uniques to a recording contract. The group released " Good Luck Charm " b/w " Island Of Love " the same month… Finally in 1963, USA Records released " Endlessly " b/w " Maybe The Next Summer ". USA Records was a Chicago based record label founded in 1960 by record distributor Jim Golden. The label's office was located across from Chess Records and Golden's Allstate Distributors was Chess' regional distributor.


Songs :
(updated by Hans-Joachim)

Looking For A Love                  Twistin Around               Good Luck Charm

Island Of Love                          Endlessly               She's The Only Girl for Me

 Too Young                          Maybe Next Summer



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The Gayden Sisters | 20 mars 2015


The Gayden Sisters (Chicago)

Personnel :

Lujuana Gayden (First Soprano)

Lucretia Gayden (Alto)

Ragina Gayden (Second Soprano)

Discography :

1956 - How Can You Not Believe / Honestly Honestly (Bally 1003)

Biography :

The Gayden Sisters, a south side trio from Chicago made a casual appearance on a Dave Garroway’s TV program from Olivet Baptist church. Following the show, they were deluged with telegrams, letter, and telephone calls- one was a hurried call to appear on Arthur Godfrey's CBS- TV show.

After their appearance on Arthur Godfrey's CBS- TV show, agents, recording companies and producers are trying to place the girls under contract. January 28 1956, the new Bally label signed its second recording act—. Bally Records was an independent record label formed in Chicago in December, 1955. It was active during 1956 and 1957. It was a subsidiary of Bally Manufacturing Company and was headquartered at 203 N. Wabash Avenue in Chicago.

The Gayden sisters, Lujuana,19; Ragina, 17 and Lucretia 15, had no serious plans for singing careers. Lujuana was married, Ragina, a graduate of Morgan Park High School, is a freshman at Roosevelt university. Lucretia, is attending Morgan Park and plans to enter college.

Lujuana  began singing when she was 14. When Ragina reached her 13th birthday, they formed a duet, and when Lucretia became 10, they started the Trio. The Trio’s first TV appearance was made about a year ago on the Sachs Amateur hour. The girls sang mainly for small south side socials. With a repertorie made up of spirituals, they also sang at church services.

Songs :


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The Georgettes (1) | 18 mars 2015

The Georgettes (1) (Hollywood, CA)


Rickie Page

Discography :

1957 - Love Like A Fool / Oh Tonight (Ebb 125)
1959 - Dizzy Over You / Oh Oh Yes (Jackpot 48001)
1960 - Down By The River / Pair Of Eyes (Fleet 1111/UA 237)
1963 - The Story / Little Boy (Troy 1001)

Biography :

Rickie Page was born June Evelyn Kuykendall in tiny Lindsay, Oklahoma on 7 November 1929. June became a recording star with releases on Liberty, Dot, Zephyr, and Rendezvous. Sometimes recording with her sister Sonya, and sometimes with some combination of her three daughters, June also put records out on Con, Landa, Decca, Epic, Era, Fleet, Hit, Landa, Spar, United Artists, and VIP, using a huge variety of artist names, including The Georgettes.


The Georgettes was fronted by Rickie Page in 1957 and were named after her husband/co-writer/producer George Motola. Rickie Page was the only vocalist for the group. The Georgettes appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in January, 1958. They hired a little Philipino girl, Rosalie, to be the other half and they did the Dick Clark show.


The Bermudas, the Majorettes, the Georgettes, Joanne & the Triangles and Beverly & the Motorscooters – these are just some of the recording names used by singer/songwriter/producer/business-woman Rickie Page and the female members of her musical family.  Rickie was also a member of The Crypt-Kickers and sang lead on The Spector Three 45s.

Songs :
(updated by Hans-Joachim) 

Oh Tonight                          Love Like A Fool                          Oh Oh Yes

Dizzy Over You                             Pair Of Eyes                    Down By The River

The Story / Little Boy



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