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Bobby Davis and The Big "3" Trio | 31 octobre 2014

Bobby Davis and The Big "3" Trio (Chicago, IL.)

Personnel :

Bobby Davis (vocal)

Jody Williams (guitar)

Bob Walton (bass)

Loretta Taylor (drums)

Discography :

Bobby Davis (bb The Big "3" Trio)
1959 - I Was Wrong / Hype You Into Sellin' (Your Head) (Bandera 2505)

Bobby Davis and The Big "3" Trio
1960 - One Love Have I / She's A Problem (Bandera 2508)

Biography :

Bandera was a small Chicago label launched by Vi Muszynski, and her son Bernie Harville, with money Muszynski made off one of her biggest discoveries, the Impressions. The label released a variety of music in the late '50s and early '60s, from hillbilly and rock, to blues and gospel.

Vi Muszynski                                                                       

Bobby Davis and The Big "3" Trio recorded the song "One Love Have I" and "She's A Problem" in two different styles: once as a blues and once as a Rhythm'blues / Doo wop, but the blues' version were previously unissued track, and only the Rhythm'blues / Doo wop tracks are released on Bandera 2508. This leave another question : were the Big"3" trio the vocal group? Probably not : Jody "Guitar" Williams played just that, Bob Walton played bass and Loretta Taylor Played Drums.

Davis started his career as bassist with ZuZu Bollin, moving on to tour as one of Rosco Gordon's ensemble, before joining up with Albert Collins in Houston touring with him as either drummer or bassist. At The tail end of the 50s he pitched up in Chicago and formed his band. Bobby Davis and The Big "3" Trio had one earlier release on bandera 2505 which coupled the Chicago blues sides "I Was Wrong" and "Hype You Into Sellin'". Bobby Davis would go on to record for M-pac, Firma and as Bobby Cool for Expo
From Bandera Doo Wop

Songs :

One Love Have I                              She's A Problem

Cds :








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The Boyfriends (3) aka The Five Discs | 30 octobre 2014

 Charlie DiBella, Paul Albano, Tony Basile, Joe Barselona

The Boyfriends (3) (Brooklyn, New-York)
aka The Five Discs

Personnel :

Eddie Parducci(Lead)

Paul Albano(First Tenor)

Tony Basile(Second Tenor)

Joe Barselona(Baritone)

Charlie DiBella(Bass)

Discography :

1964 - Let's Fall In Love / Oh Lana  (Kapp 569)

Biography :

In 1961, The Five Discs with their new lead singer John Carbone and new bass Charlie DiBella cut two singles for Calo & Cheer records. ‘Never Let You Go’ was the last single to feature Carbone, as Eddie Parducci of the Delvons took his place. Trying for a change of luck, the group became the Boyfriends, releasing a solitary single on Kapp Records titled "Let’s Fall In Love" b/w "Oh Lana"".

Top : Paul Albano, Charlie DiBellaBottom : Joe Barselona, Tony Basile                               

By 1965, DiBella, Albano, and Basile had seen enough; with replacements the group became Parducci (lead), Donnie LaRuffa (first tenor), Frank Arnone (second tenor), and the ever-present Barsalona (baritone). In 1968 (two years before Tony Orlando gave up publishing for stardom as Tony Orlando and Dawn) the Five Discs/Boyfriends became Dawn on Rust for a remake of Sam Cooke's "Bring It on Home to Me.



Songs :

Let's Fall In Love                                       Oh Lana




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The El Venos | 29 octobre 2014

Leon Daniels, Daniel Jackson, Anna Mae Jackson, Bernard Palmer, Leon Taylor  (Joey Daniels not on the picture)

The El Venos (Pittsburgh, PA)

Personnel :

Leon Daniels (Lead)

Daniel Jackson (First Tenor)

Anna Mae Jackson (Lead)

Leon Taylor (Second Tenor)

Joey Daniels (Baritone)

Bernard Palmer (Bass)

Discography :

The El Venos

Singles :
1956 - Geraldine  / Now We're Together (Groove 4G-0170)
1957 - My Heart Beats Faster / You Must Be True (Vik 4X-0305/RCA 8303)

Unreleased :
1956 - Are you An Angel? (Groove)
1957 - You're Gonna Be My Girl (Vik)
1957 - Oui, Monsieur (Vik)
1958 - Pretty Knees  (AMP-3)
1960 - It's The Little Things (Calico)
1960 - Stereophonic  (Calico)

Anne Keith (Anna Mae Jackson)
1959 - (I Am Just A) Lonely Girl (bb El Venos)/ Lover's Prayer (bb the Altairs) (Memo M3)

Biography :

Formed as a sextet, they stayed that way through the release of their two singles. The members were Leon Daniels (lead), Daniel Jackson (first tenor), Anna Mae Jackson (lead, Daniel's sister). Leon Taylor  (second tenor), Joey Daniels (baritone, Leon's brother), and Bernard Palmer (bass). Raised in the Penn Hills and Duquesne area outside Pittsburgh, the six 16- year- olds started hitting street-corner harmonies during 1955.They came to the attention of WILY radio jock Bill Powell who arranged for a record deal with RCA. In 1956 the group was packed off to New York City to record five songs, issuing the Leon Taylor-penned "Geraldine" on RCA's Groove subsidiary by late fall.

Bill Powell

Geraldine" got immediate play on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand," but when Bill Powell (now their manager) arranged for a live appearance on that program the boys couldn't raise the money from their parents for the Pittsburgh to Philadelphia trek. With no finances to tour or do anything but local TV, the strong radio play of " Geraldine" (from New England to New Orleans) couldn't keep the record happening.

Joey Daniels                                                                         

Still, the El Venos performed locally with many hit acts that were passing through Pittsburgh on one-nighters, The Turbans and The Heartbeats among them. Their next single, "You Must Be True" (1957), was issued on another RCA affiliate , Vik Records, but saw even less activity. Two years passed while the group raised money to audition in New York for Calico Records. Auditioning the same day was another Pittsburgh group,  The Skyliners. Doo wop folklore says the El Venos were actually favored by Calico on that fateful day, but the Skyliners' unique sound afforded them the first recording opportunity, subsequently yielding the now standard "Since I Don't Have You."

KQV deejay Al Nobel at tented the Skyliners recording Session for "Since I Don't Have You"

The El Venos did get to do two sides for Calico, but they never saw the light of day. On yet another New York trip, the group managed to cut two more songs for Mercury's Amp 3 division, but these also remained in the can. On her return to Pittsburgh, Anna Mae Jackson left the El Venos. Bill Powell, meanwhile, was busy putting the voices of his new group The Altairs on the El Venos Amp 3 tracks, leaving only Anna's lead vocal. He also dubbed in Altairs lead George Benson's guitar work.


Though Powell pumped the record on his show, Amp 3 wasn't impressed enough to release it. Around this time, Ms. Jackson changed her name to Anne Keith and recorded " Lover's Prayer" backed by the Altairs and released on Memo Records in mid- 1959. They soon went their separate ways.

Songs :

The El Venos

Geraldine                           Now We're Together             My Heart Beats Faster

You Must Be True                  Are you An Angel?        You're Gonna Be My Girl

Oui, Monsieur


Anne Keith (bb The El Venos)       Anne Keith (bb the Altairs)

(I Am Just A) Lonely Girl                          Lover's Prayer


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The Velvitones aka The Velvetones (2) | 26 octobre 2014

The Velvitones (Los Angeles)
aka The Velvetones (2)




Personnel :

Eddie Lewis (Tenor/Lead)

Bryant Whitfield

Vernon Garrett

Tommy Williams

Discography :

The Velvitones
1959 - A Prayer at Gettysburg / Little Girl I Love You So (Milmart 113)

The Velvetones (2)
1957 - Glory Of Love / I Love Her So (Aladdin 3372)
1957 - I Found My Love / Melody Of Love  (Aladdin 3391)
1960 - My Every Thought / Little Girl I Love You So  (Aladdin 3463)





Biography :

Early in 1957, Eddie Mesner of Eddie and Leo Mesner's Aladdin Record Company, decided to cut a vocal group rendition of "The glory of love," a re-worked song dating back to Andy Kirk, made popular in 1949 by Larry Darnell in its original form then entitled "I'll get along somehow."  For the session Mesner rounded up Bryant Whitfield  and four other L.A. singers creating a kind of "thrown together" crew, a practice common in those days.

 Three of the other four singers are Vernon Garrett (the same as had a hit with "Without you" on Ventura in 1969) , Eddie Lewis who sang lead and took care of narration and Tommy Williams. All other Aladdin titles are by a Velvetones group comprised of other singers. However the group released a single on the Milmart label in 1958.


The name of the group is spelled differently due to a typo on the Milmart pressing. They are the Velvitones with "Little Girl I Love You So" (from the aladdin 3372) and "A Prayer at Gettysburg" with Eddie Lewis at the narration.



Songs :

The Velvitones

A Prayer at Gettysburg


The Velvetones (2)

Glory Of Love                  I Love Her So                      I Found My Love

Melody Of Love                 My Every Thought                Little Girl I Love You So





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The Corvairs (4) aka The West Siders | 22 octobre 2014

 The Corvairs (4)  (Newport News, Virginia)
aka  The West Siders

Personnel :

Joe Shepard (Tenor)

Nelson Shields (Second Tenor)

Prince McKnight (Tenor)

Ronald Judge (Baritone)

Billy Faison (Bass)

Discography :

The Corvairs (4)
1962 - True True Love / Hey, Sally Mae (Comet 2145)
1963 - I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby / Girl With The Wind In Her Hair (Leopard 5005)
1966 - Swinging Little Government / Love, Love My Friend (Columbia 43603)
1966 - Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes) / Get A Job (Columbia 43861)
1966 - The Grass Will Sing For You (Columbia)
1963 - Because I Love You (aka Don’t You Know) (Leopard)

The West Siders
1963 - Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying (United Artists 600/Leopard 5004)

Biography :

When The Leaders split ,Burton, Alston, and Simpson continuing on as the Three Voices while Judge and Shields relocated to New York City, forming the Corvairs with tenors Joe Shepard and Prince McKnight along with bass Billy Faison. In 1962 the Corvairs signed to the Comet label to release their Dave "Baby" Cortez-produced debut single, "Hey, Sally Mae".

The record quickly disappeared, and a year later the group resurfaced on Leopard with "No Tears Left for Crying," mistakenly credited to the Westsiders. When the single was subsequently licensed to United Artists, the label further muddied the waters by calling the group the West Siders, and for reasons no less mysterious, their next Leopard release, "I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby," restored the Corvairs moniker.

                       (The Corvairs 1961) Top : Faison, Shepard and Shields - Botom : Judge and McKnight

Faison exited the lineup in 1965, with bass Edgar Brown appearing on the Corvairs' next effort, the 1966 Columbia release "Swinging Little Government." When the follow-up, "Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes)," flopped, the group split.




Songs :
(updated by Hans-Joachim) 

The Corvairs (4)

True True Love           Hey, Sally Mae           I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby

Girl With The Wind In Her Hair      Ain't No Soul ...                Get A Job 

Because I Love You        Love, Love My Friend / Swinging Little Government 

The West Siders

Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying





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