• The Four Buddies (2)

    The Four Buddies (4) (New York)
    aka The Page Boys (3) ???

    Personnel :

    Phil Melillo

    Ralph DeCapua

    Ralph Rizzolo

    Discography :

    The Four Buddies (4)
    1960 – Hurt/ Moonglow & Theme From Picnic  (Coral 62217)
    1962 – The Light / Cin Cin (Che Bel) (Coral 62325)

    The Page Boys (3) ???
    1963 - If Tears Could Speak / Ole Buttermilk Sky (Decca 31505)

    Biography :

    Vocal & Instrumental group from New York, The Four Buddies played a lot of clubs around the area. Early 1960 , They have a recording contract with Coral Records, a Decca Records subsidiary. The Group cut "Hurt" b/w  "Moonglow & Theme From Picnic" .

    The Four Buddies (2)     The Four Buddies (2)

    In April 1960 with a varied repertoire and their single, They sign an engagement at the Ottawa House Hotel in Ontario, Canada. they occur for more than one year before returning to New York. In 1962, They cut a second single for Coral "The Light" b/w "Cin Cin (Che Bel)". A source certifies that the writers of "The Light"  (Phil Melillo and Ralph Rizzolo) are both members of the group.

    The Four Buddies (2)   The Four Buddies (2)

    aka The Page Boys ?
    (From  : Bob Crewe ‘Seasons Connections)
    Amongst the more unusual side projects that The Four Seasons members got involved with was the single by a group called ‘The Page Boys’. The Page Boys might have included member of the Four Seasons in the mix of vocals as the track ‘If Tears Could Speak’ (Decca 31505) was produced by Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli. The group probably comprise the guys who are accredited as writers, Ralph Rizzolo, Ralph DeCapua and Phil Melillo and many believe Nick Massi and Tommy Devito may be joining in on vocals.

    Songs :

    The Four Buddies (4)

    The Light

    The Page Boys (3)

    If Tears Could Speak

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  • The Pearletts (Los Angeles, California)
    aka The Pearlettes
    (By Hans-Joachim)

    Personnel :

    Sheila Galloway (Lead)

    Lynda Galloway

    Priscilla Kennedy

    Mary Meade



    The Pearlettes
    1961 - Just In Case / He’s Gone (Craig 502 / Craig 562 / Segway 1003)
    1961 - Can I Get Him / Never Be Another Boy Like You (Vee Jay 422 / Go 712)
    1962 - Duchess Of Earl / Everyday (Vee Jay 435)

    The Pearletts
    1962 - Cheated / Can This Be Love (Vault 100)



    Biography :

    The Pearlettes were protegees of Sonny Bono when he was a young ‘music row’ scuffler striving to support a wife and daughter on the thin gruel of one-off production deals made with fly-by-night Los Angeles labels.

    Sisters Lynda and Sheila Galloway got together with fellow teenagers Mary Meade and Priscilla Kennedy in 1961, originally sharing the same manager as the Blossoms.


    They auditioned for Bono who produced their first release for his GO label, as well as a second 45 for Vault, a label run by a distributor Bono was working for at the time.

    Songs :

    Duchess Of Earl                        He’s Gone                                 Just In Case

    Everyday                               Can I Get Him                   Never Be Another Boy Like You


    Cheated / Can This Be Love







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  • The Five Chances

    The Five Chances (Chicago)

Personnel :

    Darnell Austell (Lead)

    Eddie Stillwell (Lead)

    Reggie Smith (Tenor)

    Harold Jones (Baritone/Tenor)

    Howard Pitman (Baritone)

    John Austell (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1954 - I May Be Small / Nagasaki (Chance 1157)
    1955 - All I Want / Shake A Link (Blue Lake 115)
    1956 - Gloria / Sugar Lips (States 156)
    1957 - My Days Are Blue / Tell Me Why (Federal 12303)
    1960 - Need Your Love / Land Of Love (Corina 2002)
    1960 - Need Your Love / Is This Love (PS 1510)

    Unreleased :
    1954 - Make Love To Me (Chance)
    1954 - California (Chance)
    1956 - Bashful Boy (States)

    Biography :

    One of the pioneer Rhythm & Blues vocal groups in the wake of the breakthrough by The Orioles was a group from Chicago who were known originally as The El Travadors. They formed during the year of 1950 and the members of the group were Howard Pittman, Reggie Smith, Harold Jones, and the Austell brothers Darnell and John. They began singing together in high school and tried their hand at neighborhood appearances and local talent shows and amateur nights. It was one of these shows held at Chicago's famous night spot, the Crown Propeller, that they made contact with some people with the knowledge of the music scene that could help them.

    The Five Chances  The Five Chances

    Art Sheridan, Ewart Abner, and Jimmy Bracken                                                                                         

    Before long they had a chance to audition for Chance Records, then a top independent label in Chicago. The top talent and A & R man at the label Ewart Abner (who in later years would be a key factor in the success of Vee-Jay and his own Abner labels) liked what he heard and almost immediately changed the name of the group from the El Travadors to blend with the label and so The Five Chances were born. In August of 1954 Chance Records released "Nagasaki" and "I May Be Small" on # 1137 by the group. This ended up being a short relationship between the group and the label, as president Art Sheridan soon folded the Chance label, and so The Five Chances had to look elsewhere in their search for success.

    The Five Chances

    In early 1955 The Five Chances were signed up with Blue Lake Records, a subsidiary of Al Benson's Parrot Records on Cottage Grove in Chicago. At this time Johnny "Chubby" Jones had replaced John Austell in the group. Blue Lake released "All I Want" and "Shake-A-Link" with Darnell Austell on lead. Except for a brief flurry of airplay in their native Chicago, the record did not receive much in the way of sales nationally. Once again the Five Chances were looking for another record label, and they went once again to a Chicago independent, this time the States label. "Gloria" and "Sugar Lips" were released in May of 1956 on States # 156. The group tried to get the word out about their effort with appearances like the one they did in June of the year at Chicago's Trianon Ballroom called "Blues-O-Rama" that also starred Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, The Kool Gents, and others.

    The Five Chances    The Five Chances

    Unfortunately it was more of the same for the group. By the following year they found themselves on still another label. This time it was the Federal label based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the group was going through a number of personnel changes. In July of 1957 Federal released "My Days Are Blue" and "Tell Me Why" on # 12303. In September the group appears at a big R & B midnight show at the Senate Theater presented by Sam Evans. Also on the bill are Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo, Sonny Boy Williamson, and others. The Five Chances also appear at a R & B show in Joliet, Illinois Coliseum with Magic Sam, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, and others. By the end of the year the Five Chances had all but called it a day as a recording entity.



    Songs :

     I May Be Small / Nagasaki               All I Want / Shake A Link

    Gloria / Sugar Lips                 My Days Are Blue / Tell Me Why

    Need Your Love / Land Of Love                  Is This Love

    Make Love To Me                California                          Bashful Boy

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  • The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia ) 

    The Splendors (L to R) : Harold Marcus, Joe DiBartolo, Tommy Tucker, Georgie Moe and Bernie Drosdcz


    The Splendors (2)  (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Del-Fons  ref : The Motions

    Personnel :

    Tommy Tucker (Lead)

    Joe DiBartolo (First Tenor)

    Bernie Drosdcz (Baritone and Bass)

    Harold Marcus (Second Tenor)

    George Moe

    Discography :

    The Del-Fons
    1959 - I Only Want You / This Is My Love

    The Splendors (2)
    1963 - Lonely, Lonely Nights / Record Hop (Wilshire)
    1964 - Roses Are Red / Embraceable You
    1964 - Runday Runday / Mambo City
    1964 - Stormy Weather / Make The Knife
    1964 - Walkin' My Baby Back Home / I'm In The Mood For Love
    1964 - My Vow To You / My Love For You Will Never Die

     The Motions
    1961 - Mr. Night / Make Me A Love (Laurie 3112)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Mambo City

    Biography :

    1958, and the Place was the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. During this time, St. Michael's church used to hold dances which were attenuated by the local neighborhood teenagers. At this dances, four guys discovered they enjoyed singing together very much and decided to form a group called the Emotions. Members consisted of Tommy Tucker (Lead), Larry Angeli (Baritone), Joe Basta (First Tenor) and Richie Merrit (Second Tenor). The Group's first songs was "Mambo City" recorded on a demo. The group eventually gained a local following and began appearing at record hops, social clubs… At this time Richie had left the group and was replaced by Eddie Povenelli.

    The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )  The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )

                                                                                          Tommy Tucker (Motions' Lead singer)

    The group met a man named Marv Kalfin, who eventually became their manager. He introduced the group to two songs he had written…"Mr Night" and "Make A Love". While the master recordings were being cut, a female member was added to the group. Marv brought the master tape to Laurie and their reaction was quite favorable. Another group who had already gained much popularity in the area, was using the same name. At the last time before going to press, Laurie did the first thing that came to mind. The "E" was dropped and the Guys were named The Motions. The single was released in June 1961. At about the time the Motions' record was released, another Laurie single was "Breaking Big"… The Jarmels' "A lItlle bit of Soap". "Mr Night" never really had a chance, the group rapidly became disguise ted and eventually disbanded.

    The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )    The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )

                                                                                                                          Vinny Catalano

     The Story of the Motions, does not end here. Let us go back to the year 1957 and the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New york. At this time, Three teenagers in the same junior high school, Joe DiBartolo (First Tenor and Lead), Bernie Drosdcz (Baritone and Bass) and Harold Marcus (Second Tenor) and two others Johnny Jerrywicki (Baritone) and Georgie Moe (Lead)  joined together to Form a Group called the Del-Fons. Although this group only sang at parties, they recorded a demo 1959 that featured the songs "I Only Want You" and "This is My Love". Soon after this same two songs, released back to back, became a two sided hit for the Passions early in 1960. During 1962, the Del-Fons changed their name to the Splendors. However, due to repeated problems involving members , the group finally broke up, this was the same time that the Motions Disbanded.

    The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )  The Showmen (Norfolk, Virginia )

    Tommy Tucker, Joe DiBartolo  and Harold Marcus                                 Joe DiBartolo with group's demos

    Early in 1963, Joe DiBartolo met Tonny Tucker and decided to reform the Splendors, consisting of Himself, Tommy Tucker and those two original members Bernie Drosdcz and Harold Marcus. Later that year Joe's cousin, Vinny Catalano, at this time in charge of Wilshire Records, had written two songs for the Splendors, "Lonely, Lonely Nights" and "Record Hop". The group recorded both songs but the reared wasn't released. In 1964, George Moe rejoined the group. They now began appearing at various places throughout New York. The Boys would occasionally buy time at a local recording studio in order to capture some of their harmony on tape. Of course, Demo discs were made of these sessions...

    By Ken Berger (Story Untold)


    Songs :

    The Motions

    Mr. Night                                    Make Me A Love


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  • The Impressions  (click on picture)





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