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The Corvairs (4) aka The West Siders | 22 octobre 2014

 The Corvairs (4)  (Newport News, Virginia)
aka  The West Siders

Personnel :

Joe Shepard (Tenor)

Nelson Shields (Second Tenor)

Prince McKnight (Tenor)

Ronald Judge (Baritone)

Billy Faison (Bass)

Discography :

The Corvairs (4)
1962 - True True Love / Hey, Sally Mae (Comet 2145)
1963 - I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby / Girl With The Wind In Her Hair (Leopard 5005)
1966 - Swinging Little Government / Love, Love My Friend (Columbia 43603)
1966 - Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes) / Get A Job (Columbia 43861)
1966 - The Grass Will Sing For You (Columbia)

The West Siders
1963 - Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying (United Artists 600/Leopard 5004)

Biography :

When The Leaders split ,Burton, Alston, and Simpson continuing on as the Three Voices while Judge and Shields relocated to New York City, forming the Corvairs with tenors Joe Shepard and Prince McKnight along with bass Billy Faison. In 1962 the Corvairs signed to the Comet label to release their Dave "Baby" Cortez-produced debut single, "Hey, Sally Mae".

The record quickly disappeared, and a year later the group resurfaced on Leopard with "No Tears Left for Crying," mistakenly credited to the Westsiders. When the single was subsequently licensed to United Artists, the label further muddied the waters by calling the group the West Siders, and for reasons no less mysterious, their next Leopard release, "I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby," restored the Corvairs moniker.

                       (The Corvairs 1961) Top : Faison, Shepard and Shields - Botom : Judge and McKnight

Faison exited the lineup in 1965, with bass Edgar Brown appearing on the Corvairs' next effort, the 1966 Columbia release "Swinging Little Government." When the follow-up, "Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes)," flopped, the group split.




Songs :

The Corvairs (4)

True True Love           Hey, Sally Mae           I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby

Girl With The Wind In Her Hair      Ain't No Soul ...                Get A Job

The West Siders

Don't You Know / No Tears Left For Crying





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The Three Twins | 18 octobre 2014

Top : Al Douglas - Bottom : Art Iwan & Bill Bigger

The Three Twins (Bloomington, In)

Personnel :

Al Douglas (Tenor & Bass/Piano/vibes)

Art Iwan (Baritone & Violin/Bass)

Bill Bigger (Tenor/Baritone & Guitar/Bass)

Discography :

1955 - Oh Baby Doll / I Want A Shoulder To To Cry On (Kahill 1001)
1955 - You'll Do It Someday / The Willow Weeps (Kahill 1004)
1958 - All My Dreams / His (Banana 512)

Biography :

Vocal & Instrumental group from Bloomington, Al Douglas, Art Iwan and Bill Bigger are the Three Twins. These lads hail from the midwest. Art Who plays the violin, drums and bass attended North western University where he got his Masters Degree in Violin.

As for Bill, he's the "twin" who plays guitar and bass  Came by his Masters degree in voice and composition at Illinois Wesleyan University. Al is the lad you see at the piano when he is not also playing bass and the He had the same education as Bill.

In 1955, They have recorded their arrangements with Kahill records and released "Oh Baby Doll" b/w "I Want A Shoulder To To Cry On" (Kahill 1001). The  record was very popular in the region and The trio make their home in Chicago when they aren't playing the states "live". They appeared on television and radio. In 1957, The Group won an Arthur Godfrey Talent Show.

(L to R) Al Douglas, Bill Bigger and Art Iwan

A few months later, armed with their success kahill released a new single: "You'll Do It Someday" b/w "The Willow Weeps" on Kahill 1004. For nearly four years the trio toured throughout the country and cut another singles in 1958 "All My Dreams" b/w "His" on the Banana Label.

Songs :
(updated by Hans-Joachim)   

All My Dreams / His


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The Notes (1) | 17 octobre 2014

The Notes (1) (Philadelphia)

Personnel :

Ray McElwain (First Tenor)

Boyd Beks (Second Tenor)

Dave Wilson (Baritone)

Clarence Beks (Bass)

Discography :

Singles :
1955 - Cha Jezebel / Don't Leave Me Now (Capitol 3332)
1956 - Trust In Me / Round And Round (MGM 12338)

Unreleased :
1955 - That's All There Is To That (Capitol)
1955 - Times Two I Love You (Capitol)
1956 - Clock Of Love (Capitol)
1956 - Let Me Shake The Hand (Capitol)
1956 - I Adore You (Capitol)
1956 - I Never Cared Before (Capitol)
1956 - Louise Louise Louise (MGM) 
1956 - That's Why I Love You (MGM) 

Discography :

The Notes as being from Philadelphia and consisting of Ray McElwain (first tenor), Boyd Beks (second tenor), Dave Wilson (baritone) and Clarence Beks (bass).  The group members all grew up in Philadelphia and went to school together.  They got together in 1953 and were all 23 years old (with the exception of Clarence Beks) in 1955.


The Group recorded in 1955 under the name the Four Notes. They recorded twelve songs, four were recorded independently and sold to Capitol in December 1955.  Four more were recorded for Capitol on March 2, 1956.  Four more were recorded for MGM on August 17, 1956.  Of the twelve songs recorded by The Notes, six were written by Clyde Otis!


Songs :

Cha Jezebel                    Don't Leave Me Now                    Trust In Me

Round And Round




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Rick & The Masters (5) | 15 octobre 2014

Rick & The Masters (5) (Philadelphia)

Personnel :

Tony "Rick" Trombetta (Lead)

Frank 'Tweetie' Condo (First Tenor)

Mike "Teardrops" Silenzio (Second Tenor)

Richie Finzio (Baritone/Bass)

Discography :

Rick & The Masters (5)
1962 - Flame Of Love / Here Comes Nancy (Taba 101/Cameo 226)
1962 - Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered / A Kissin Friend (Haral 778)
1962 - Let It Please Be You / I Don't Want Your Love (Cameo 247)

Billy Lane (bb Rick & the Masters)
1961 - Space Ship Blues / Beginner In Love (Rick & the Masters) (Taba 201)

Billy Lynn (bb Rick & the Masters)
1961 - Only One For Me / Little Pony Tail (Amy 820)
1962 - Barbara / Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Cr 1001)

Bobby Young (bb Rick & the Masters)
1963 - Only Girl For Me / To Each His Own (Guyden 2087)

Bobby Rydell (bb Rick & the Masters)
1962 - Remember Then / Up On The Roof (not them) (Cameo 104)
1962 - Butterfly Baby / Love Is Blind (not them)  (Cameo 242)
1962 - That's My Desire (Cameo ‎LP-1006)

Lee Andrews (bb Rick & the Masters/The Hearts/The Dreamlovers)
1963 - I'm Sorry Pillow / Gee But I'm Lonesome (Parkway 860)

Johnny Greco (bb Rick & the Masters)
1963 - Rocket Ride / Why Don't You Love Me (Pageant 602)

Johnny Maestro (bb Rick & the Masters)
1963 - Over The Weekend / I'll Be True (not them) (Cameo 256)

Don Covay (bb Rick & the Masters)
1963 - Popeye Waddle / One Little Boy Had Money  (not them)  (Cameo 239)

Biography :

In the early '60s, Mike "Teardrops" Silenzio needed a lead singer for the doo-wop group he was putting together. Mike attended South Philadelphia High School and he was chums with Fabian Forte, Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell and other kids who would go on to stellar singing careers, and he knew what he was looking for.

His group, the Masters, consisted of Mike himself as second tenor, baritone Richie Finizio (Richie was a cousin to South Philly Legend Bob Finizio of the 4 J's.), his cousin Frank "Tweetie" Condo as first tenor, and a clutch of others who were semi-members and hangers-on. But he didn't have a true lead singer. It wasn't until after a stint in the Navy that Mike found who he was looking for - Tony "Rick" Trombetta.

Rick originally had a solo act where he used his mother's maiden name "Rigiano", so he called himself Rick Rigiano and decided to stick with Rick. And the Masters became Rick & the Masters. The group had to make a record to further its career, and it was Billy DiMuro who gave it the opportunity when he started Taba Records.  Jim Cunningham and Billy DiMuro wrote "Flame Of Love". Billy also recorded with the group doing back-up vocals on several releases under the name Billy Lynn and Billy Lane. In actuality, Billy's real name was Trombetta, one of the Tony's Brothers.  "Flame of Love' emerged from Taba's portals in 1962, and was immediately scooped up by Cameo Records when it showed sales potential.


Another release by the group under the name Bobby young, was actually Tony's younger Brother Bobby Tombetta. On " To Each His Own", Bobby shared the lead with older brother Tony. Jack "Rocky" McKnight of the Four Epics arranged this. The group's next effort as Rick and the Masters came out on the Haral Label. Jack "Rocky" McKnight  again arranged "Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered ".

The Group's final release under their name came on the Cameo Label. Cameo really liked the Guys using them several times to do back-up for such artists as : Bobby Rydell, Johnny Greco, don covey, Johnny Maestro and Lee Andrews.

Songs :

Rick & The Masters (5)

Flame Of Love      Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered          A Kissin Friend

Let It Please Be You             I Don't Want Your Love          Here Comes Nancy

Billy Lane (bb Rick & the Masters)

Beginner In Love

Billy Lynn (bb Rick & the Masters)

Only One For Me                    Little Pony Tail                       Barbara

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Bobby Young (bb Rick & the Masters)

Only Girl For Me                To Each His Own

Bobby Rydell (bb Rick & the Masters)

Remember Then                Butterfly Baby                   That's My Desire

Lee Andrews (bb Rick & the Masters/The Hearts/The Dreamlovers)

I'm Sorry Pillow                 Gee, But I'm Lonesome

Johnny Greco (bb Rick & the Masters)

Rocket Ride                  Why Don't You Love Me

Johnny Maestro (bb Rick & the Masters)

Over The Weekend

Don Covay (bb Rick & the Masters)

Popeye Waddle



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The Four Buddies (2) | 13 octobre 2014


The Four Buddies (2) (Chicago)

Personnel :

Ularsee Manor(Lead)

Nathaniel "Sam" Hawkins(Tenor)

Jimmy Hawkins(Tenor)

Dickie Umbra(Baritone)

Willie Bryant(Bass)

Discography :

Rudy Greene & The Four Buddies (2)
1955 - You Mean Everything To Me / [Rudy Greene - Highway No. 1] (Club 51 103)

Bobbie James The Four Buddies (2)
1955  - I Need You So / [Bobbie James - Baby I'm Tired] (Club 51 104)

The Four Buddies (2)
1955 - Delores / Look Out (Club 51 105)

Biography :

This group was formed in 1952, most of the members attending the same two high schools (Tilden or Phillips High School). They rehearsed and practiced for two years and played many local clubs and church functions during that prerecording period. Jimmy and Sam Hawkins were cousins and despite the name Four Buddies, the group appeared as a quintet.

1956 - Willie Bryant, Irving Hunter, Jimmy Hawkins, Dickie Umbra & Ularsee Manor

Only when they started to record was the name Four Buddies used more frequently. It is believed that Club 51 did this to capitalize on the name Four Buddies (Savoy). It also explains why their photo shows five members and calls them the Four Buddies

They had tenor Donald Ventors replacing Sam Hawkins. Soon after this, Ventors was replaced by Irving Hunter. In 1956, they finally recorded their total output for Club 51 ; however, most of their work was as backup for single artists Rudy Greene ("You Mean So Much to Me") and Bobbie James ("I Need You So"). Lack of success led to disillusionment, disinterest, and eventual breakup.

Songs :

Bobbie James The Four Buddies (2)

I Need You So                           Baby I'm Tired

Rudy Greene & The Four Buddies (2)

You Mean Everything To Me                Highway No. 1

The Four Buddies (2)

Delores / Look out






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