• The Citations
    (L to R) Antonio Rosas, Adrian Del Valle, Valentine Del Valle, Arthur Cintron and Michael Cintron


    The Citations (Brooklyn, NY)

    Personnel :

    Antonio Rosas

    Adrian Del Valle

    Valentine Del Valle

    Arthur Cintron

    Michael Cintron

    Discography :


    Biography :

    In 1959,  a group of 15 and 16 year olds who grew up in the Boerum Hill area of Brooklyn, NY who loved to harmonize and sing doo-wop songs. After a couple of years practicing vocals in subway stations and street corners,  a member of the nationally known group The Mystics heard the group singing in the lobby of an apartment building and liked their vocals.

    The Citations
    (L to R) Adrian Del Valle, Valentine Del Valle, Arthur Cintron, Michael Cintron and Antonio Rosas (seated)

    He arranged a meeting and audition with the music and talent agent Jim Gribble who managed The Mystics and The Passions. For a short while, they were under contract with Jim Gribble. Although they never rose to fame the group disbanded in 1962.

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  • The High Seas (Denver,Colorado)

    Personnel :

    Chuck Price (Lead)

    Jerome Drewett (Tenor/Falsetto)

    Henry Gallego (Baritone/Tenor)

    Adrian Torres (Bass)

    Jack Davis (Piano)



    Discography :

    The High Seas
    1960 - We Go Together / Sunday Kind Of Love (DMG 4000)

    The Satellites feat. Sam Severin bb The High Seas
    1960 - Each Night / Dark Town Strutter's Ball (Not them) (DMG 4001)

    Biography :

    The High Seas were an interracial vocal group formed as Little Al and the Uniques in Denver, Colorado with Jerome Drewett, Al Perkins, Anthony Lopez, Adrian Torres and Billy Torres  (2 blacks and 3 Hispanics). Finally after multiple changes  and a new name, the were the High Seas with Chuck Price (Lead), Jerome Drewett (Tenor/Falsetto), Henry Gallego (Baritone/Tenor), Adrian Torres (Bass) and Jack Davis (Piano), (3 blacks and 2 Hispanics; Chuck, Jerome and Jack were black, and Adrian and Henry were Hispanic))

    The High Seas
    Al & The Uniques

    They moved to Hollywood, California and in April 1960 at Radio Recorders on Santa Monica recorded 4 songs : We Go Together (a cover of the Moonglows tune), Sunday Kind of Love (cover of the Harptones), The Angels Sang (an old “popish sounding” song), and an acetate of another song.  They recorded with Sam Severin and the Satellites, a rockabilly group as instrumental band. and Jimmy Bowen (a big name in music at the time) was the A&R man for the whole session.

    The High Seas 

    Al & The Uniques : Jerome Drewett, Anthony Lopez, Adrian Torres, Billy Torres and bottom  Al Perkins

    They also backed up Sam Severin & The Satellites, on their song Each Night. for D-M-G Records in 1960. The High Seas recording have a locally big acceptacion and play in the radio circuit, the group singing in El Monte Legion Stadium and  They did perform on TV, Dance Party and  opened for Jan and Dean. When the record dead they back to Denver and soon disbanded.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The High Seas

    We Go Together                               Sunday Kind Of Love

    The Satellites feat Sam Severin

    Each Night




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  • Ruben Guevara

    The Apollo Brothers (Hollywood, CA.)

    Personnel :

    Ruben Guevara

    Paul Amarillas

    Discography :

    1960 - My Beloved One / Riot (Cleveland 108)

    Biography :

    Ruben Guevara  reached his teens just as rock & roll and R&B were sweeping the nation, and in high school he began singing R&B harmony vocal ( music, in the mold of the Penguins, the Flamingos, et al. With two friends including Pablo Amarillas, they began as a three-vocal group called the Vanteens but soon became a duo. Ruben & Paul formed the Apollo Brothers (named after their car club, The Apollos). His early influences included Don & Dewey, the Carlos Brothers, and, a little later, Ritchie Valens. The Apollo Brothers recorded My Beloved One/Riot for Cleveland Records in 1961 and performed at various local venues: The El Monte American Legion Stadium (Richard Berry, The Olympics), The Long Beach Municipal Auditorium (Paul Anka), Pandora’s Box (The O’Jays, Dobie Gray), and were good enough to make it onto local television (Wink Martindale Live at POP w/ Don & Juan). In the 70’s Guevara singing as Lead on the Zappa’s group, Ruben & the Jets.

    Songs :

    My Beloved One                                           Riot        


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  • The Vines (2) (

    The Vines (2) (Trenton, NJ)

    Personnel :

    Major McBride (lead)

    Carl Bronner (First Tenor)

    James Winder (Second Tenor)

    Dave Mudd  (Baritone)

    Moses Key (Bass)

    Discography :

    1961 - I Must See You Again / Love So Sweet (Cee-Jay 582)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Trenton, NJ. The Vines consisted of Major McBride (lead), Carl Bronner (First Tenor), James Winder (Second Tenor), Dave Mudd (Baritone) and Moses Key (Bass). In 1961, The Vines recorded two songs "I Must See You Again" and "Love So Sweet" released by Cee-Jay Records, a label owned by a Clarence Johnson, Affiliated with Danny Robinson's Everlast. "I Must See You Again" was originally done by The Rivals and written by Alfred Gaitwood .

    Songs :

    I Must See You Again                               Love So Sweet       

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  • The El Capris

    The El Capris (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

    Personnel :

    Eddie Jackson (Tenor)

    James Scott (First Tenor)

    Theodore McCrary (Second Tenor)

    Leon Gray (Baritone)

    Larry Hill (Bass)

    William Germany (Baritone/Conga Drums)

    James Ward (Bass / Bongos)

    Discography :

    1956 - (Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop / Oh But She Did (Bullseye 102)
    1957 - Your Star / Dance All Night (Fee Bee 216)
    1958 - Ivy League Clean / They're Always Laughin' At Me (Paris 525)
    1965 - Safari (Part 2) / Quit Pulling My Woman (Ring-O 308)
    1972 - Your Star / To Live Again (Fee Bee 216)

    Biography :

    Pittsburgh R&B septet the El Capris formed in the city's Hill District in 1954 -- according to Marv Goldberg's profile on his website, founders Eddie Jackson (lead tenor), James Scott (first tenor), Theodore McCrary (second tenor), Leon Gray (baritone), William Germany (baritone and conga drums), Larry Hill (bass), and James Ward (bass and bongos) were all between the ages of 13 and 14 years old at the time of the group's creation.

    The El Capris

    Top : Theodore McCrary, Leon Gray, Eddie Jackson, Larry Hill & James Scott
    Bottom : William Germany & James Ward

    Dubbing themselves the El Capris -- reportedly a badly misguided attempt to add Spanish flair to their original choice, the Bluebirds -- the group won a local talent contest on Independence Day 1955, earning an audition with Bullseye Records owner Woody Henderling. Sufficiently impressed to offer the El Capris a contract on the spot, Henderling returned to Pittsburgh at year's end to cut their debut single, "(Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop." Issued in the spring of 1956, the record quickly went nowhere, and the group signed to the local Fee Bee imprint to cut the follow-up, 1957's "Your Star."

    The El Capris    The El Capris

    Though promoted via live appearances at venues including Harlem's landmark Apollo Theatre, the record met the same fate as its predecessor and after a third single, "Safari" (issued on Fee Bee's sister label Ring-O), the El Capris began to splinter. By 1958 only McCrary, Gray, and Germany remained from the original lineup, but they forged on, recruiting first tenor Percy Wharton and bass Sam Askue to cut "Ivy League Clean" for the Paris label. Although the El Capris did not reenter the studio, the group continued touring the East Coast nightclub circuit until 1970 -- a quarter century later, co-founders Germany and Jackson played a series of revival showcases in a reconstituted lineup featuring second tenor Shane Plummer and bass Doc Battle.


    Songs :

    (Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop           Oh But She Did          Your Star / Dance All Night

    Ivy League Clean / They're Always Laughin' At Me      

    To Live Again            Quit Pulling My Woman             Safari (Part 2)

    Videos :

    (1994)     Oh But She Did 


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