• The Teen Dreams aka Debbie & the Darnels (2)
    Joan Yutenkas, Dorothy Yutenkas and Marie Brancotti

    Debbie & The Darnels (2)  (New Haven, CT)
    aka The Teen Dreams





    Joan Yutenkas

    Dorothy Yutenkas

    Marie Brancotti



    Discography :

    Debbie & The Teen Dreams
    1962 - The Time / Santa, Teach Me To Dance (Vernon 101)

    The Teen Dreams
    1962 - The Time / Why, Why? (Vernon 101)

    Debbie & the Darnels (2)
    1962 - The Time / Why Why (Vernon 101)

    1962 - The Time / Teach Me To Dance (Vernon 101)
    1962 - Daddy / Mr Johnny Jones (Columbia 42530)



    Biography :

    Debbie and the Darnels hailed from New Haven, Connecticut. Dorothy Yutenkas, her sister Joan and a friend, Maria Brancati, made up the singing trio. In 1962, the group was known as the Teen Dreams. Later that year, the trio's name was changed to Debbie and the Darnels. Their upbeat tune “Mr. Johnny Jones” was a Top 40 hit on local Connecticut radio stations. The trio's Christmastime offering was a lively and catchy tune called “Santa Teach Me to Dance.” Dorothy was the lead singer and wrote the group's first recording: “Why Why.”

    The Teen Dreams aka Debbie & the Darnels (2)    The Teen Dreams aka Debbie & the Darnels (2)

    The trio was discovered by New Haven's Jerry Greenberg, who also wrote “The Time” for the group. Backing up the trio was Greenberg's instrumental band the Passengers. The group was managed by Sam Goldman (manager of the Five Satins). Debbie and the Darnels toured up and down the East Coast and were a very popular girl group in the early '60s. In Connecticut, Debbie and the Darnels shared the stage with other well-known state artists. For example, Debbie and the Darnels performed on the same bill as the Connecticut groups the Five Satins and the Passengers at Seymour's Actors Colony as part of a TwistA-Rama show. The trio was also on the same bill as New Haven's Ginny Arnell.



    Songs :

    Mr Johnny Jones                                       Why, Why?       

    Santa, Teach Me To Dance                           The Time                






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  • The Tri-Tones (1)
    (L to R) : Dick Burlingame, Ernie Bruno  & Richie Brill


    The Tri-Tones (1) (New York)

    Personnel :

    Ernie Bruno (Lead Vocal & Accordion))

    Richie Brill (Vocal Trumpet)

    Dick Burlingame (Vocal & bass)

    Bob Alderman (Guitarist)

    Philip A. Paclo (Drummer)

    Bud Brusgul  (Guitarist)

    Discography :

    1957 - Chicken In The Basket / You (Ranger 9650)

    Biography :

    In 1956, at Poughkeepsie High School, Dick Burlingame had the idea of starting a singing group, a Rock and Roll group. With Ernie Bruno and Richie Brill, they start as a Rhythm’ blues group to sing in three part harmony with no accompaniment. The trio first sang in the 1956 Thanksgiving show of the Town of Poughkeepsie Patrolmen’s Benevolent association. Their four numbers were so well received that The youths appeared In several other area shows and dances In the next few weeks. They sang at the Beacon High school prom, at a Roosevelt High school dance for the cerebral palsy fund, at a New Year s eve party at St Mary's school In Fishkill, at a firemen's show in Beacon and in a show at the Rehabilitation center in Haverstraw.

    The Tri-Tones (1)
    (L to R) : Bob Alderman, Philip A. Paclo & Bud  Brusgul

    At rehearsals they met another school-boy group, a three piece orchestra which also was preparing to appear in the flremen show. The three instrumentalists were Phil (Philip A. Paclo) the drummer, Bud (Edmund) Brusgul and Bob (Robert) Alderman. Both Bud and Bob are electric guitarists. Drums and two guitars make a wonderful background for singers, so the two groups got together and formed the Tri-Tones. In November they played for a dance at Marlboro High schooL and cut their record. "Chicken in The Basket"  is on one side, "You" on the other. Ernie wrote both. With this single, the boys occur everywhere in the region and accumulate commitments.

    Songs :

    Chicken In The Basket

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  • The Winstons

    The Winstons (Toledo, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    Edwin Korn

    Bob Bartel

    Discography :

    1958 - School Girl / To The Aisle (Cinemasound 92057)


    Biography :

    Vocal & instrumental group from Toledo. In 1958 The Winstons recorded in a garage studio on Oswald Street two songs : "School Girl" and "To The Aisle". The single was released by Cinemasound Records in Toledo.

    The Winstons   The Winstons

    Two Pretty good renditions of these songs that were previously done by Fats Domino (School Girl) and The Five Satins (To The Aisle)


    Songs :

    School Girl / To The Aisle



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  • The Majestics (2) aka The Majestic’s

    The Majestics (2) (Detroit)
    aka The Majestic’s

    Personnel :

    First Group

    Johnny Mitchell (Lead)

    C. Autry "Breeze" Hatcher (First Tenor)

    Alvin English

    Cyril Clark (Bass)

    Second Group

    Thomas Mealy (Lead and Tenor)

    Maurice Fagin (Lead)

    Johnny Mitchell (Tenor)

    Pedro Mancha (Baritone)

    Warren Harris (Bass)

    Discography :

    First Group
    The Majestics (2)
    1960 - Hard Times / Teenage Gossip (Contour 501)

    Second Group
    Johnny Mitchell & The Majestic’s
    1961 - Shoppin' And Hoppin’/ So I Can Forget (Chex 1000)
    1961 - Give Me A Cigarette / Shoppin' And Hoppin' (Chex 1000)
    1962 - Give Me A Cigarette / So I Can Forget (Chex 1004)

    The Majestics (2)
    1962 - Unhappy And Blue / Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated (Chex 1004)
    1962 - Lonely Heart / Gwendolyn (Chex 1006)
    1963 - Baby / Teach Me How To Limbo (Chex 1009)
    1964 - Hello Love / The Further You Look, The Less You See (V.I.P 25010)

    Biography :

    The Majestics, like many groups of the era have a complicated history. The late Johnny Mitchell was the lead singer on their "Shoppin' And Hoppin’" and "So I Can Forget" released in 1961 as Chex 1000. There are two pressings available on this ballad: according to producer and singer Tony Ewing, the first was called "So I Can Forget" and the title was changed to "Give Me A Cigarette" for some forgotten reason. "So I Can Forget" generated enough local response to encourage Ewing to develop his tiny new record company. According to former Contour Cyril Clarke, who sang with the Majestics on their first record, "Hard Times" / "Teenage Gossip" in 1960 for Robert West’s Contour label, the original Majestics consisted of Johnny Mitchell, C. Autry "Breeze" Hatcher, Alvin English and Cyril Clarke.

    The Majestics (2) aka The Majestic’s

    Yet by the time the Majestics recorded for Chex about a year and a half later, only Johnny Mitchell remained. The rest of the group consisted of Thomas Mealy (Lead and Tenor), Maurice Fagin (Lead), Pedro Mancha (Baritone) and Warren Harris (Bass). The Majestics’ second Chex 45 was "Unhappy And Blue" with Maurice Fagin on lead backed with "Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated." Locally distributed in the spring of 1962 as Chex 1004, it failed to make much noise for the young group. They did much better with  "Lonely Heart" / "Gwendolyn" also released in 1962 as Chex 1006. Thomas Mealy sang the lead on most of the Majestic releases for Chex, and "Lonely Heart" was distributed national at that time by Jerry Blaine’s Cosnat-Jubilee operation.

    The Majestics (2) aka The Majestic’s    The Majestics (2) aka The Majestic’s
    Tony Ewing                                                                                                                                           

    The Majestics last record for Chex was "Baby" / "Teach Me How To Limbo" wich came out in early 1963 as Chex 1009 . "Baby" was the final wax by the Majestics for Chex. In 1964 The Majestics Warren Harris & Maurice Fagin came to Motown and with Richard Street and Saundra Fagin  signed to the V.I.P label Their first single was to be "Hello Love" but the single was canned and Motown discovered there was a group based out of East LA called The Majestics, so Motown's Majestics became The Monitors and "Say You" was their first single in 1965.

    Songs :

    The Majestics (2)

    Hard Times                                  Teenage Gossip

    Johnny Mitchell & The Majestic’s

            Shoppin' And Hoppin’            So I Can Forget (Give Me A Cigarette)

    The Majestics (2)

           Unhappy And Blue                Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated

    Lonely Heart                                  Gwendolyn

                Baby                                 Teach Me How To Limbo

                      Hello Love                 The Further You Look, The Less You See

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  • The Premeers
    The Premeers (New York)

    Personnel :


    Discography :

    1963 - Diary Of Our Love / Gee Oh Gee (Herald 577)

    Biography :

    The Premeers
    No information on this excellent group.
    If you have contact me : jcpiazza26@gmail.com

    Songs :

        Gee Oh Gee                                  Diary Of Our Love

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