• (front) Bob Younis, Myrna Lamson (Top) Judee Czerwinski, Victor Vernon III, Kris Van Keuren, Bill Allen

    The Echoes (3) (Baldwinsville, New York)

    Personnel :

    Bob Younis (Lead)

    Myrna Lamson

    Judee Czerwinski

    Victor Vernon III

    Kris Van Keuren

    Bill Allen

    Discography :

    1958 - Without You / Heartbeat (Edco 100 / 500)
    1958 - Heartbeat / Teenage Love (Edco 510)

    Biography :

    Vocal Group from Baldwinsville, New York, The group consisted of Bob Younis, Myrna Lamson, Judee Czerwinski, Victor Vernon III, Kris Van Keuren and Bill Allen. With their instrumental group composed by Rick Laporte (Drums), Al Cook (Guitar), Edward Klein (Piano), Ken chapel (Tenor Sax) & Keith Barber (Alto Sax), the Echoes recorded "Without You" b/w "Heartbeat" Released on the tiny Edco Label in New York..

    The Echoes with their instrumental group                                                                                                     

    "Without You" is an original composition by Ed Klein. The Echoes have been doing the song at giant record hops sponsored by WNDR, where they appeared with such national stars as Eileen Rodgers and Bobo Hathaway."Without You" rates as the Number 18 song in the central New York area in July 1958, according to the Wolf Sandman Serenade Chart. The record first appeared on the chart July 6 as number 47. Probably the same year, Edco released another single again with "Heartbeat" coupled with "Teenage Love".


    Songs :

    Without You                                    Heartbeat

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  • The Highlighters aka The Toledos

    The Toledos (Toledo, Ohio)
    aka The Highlighters

    Personnel :

    Frank Williams (Lead)

    James Sutton

    Howard Bell

    Jay Hooker

    Discography :

    The Highlighters
    1958 - Flang Dang Do / The Bull (New Song 115/116)
    1962 - Las Vegas Drive / Well  (New Song 133/134)

    Chuck Dockery bb The Highlighters
    1958 - Baby Let's Dance / I Just Love You  (New Song 117/118)

    The Toledos
    1961 - This Is Our Night / John Smith's Body (Down 2003/End 1094)

    Biography :

    Frank Williams, James Sutton, Howard Bell and Jay Hooker were so proud to be from Toledo in the Nord of Ohio that they called themselves The Toledos. The group signed for the blues label New Song, label founded by Porter Roberts in the late 1940s. New Song was based in Toledo, Ohio, about ninety miles south of Detroit. Renamed the Highlighters By Porter, the group recorded a couple of single that passed without pain or glory : "Flang Dang Do" b/w "The Bull" in 1958 and "Well" b/w "Las Vegas Drive" in 1962. By the way, they were instrumentally accompanied by Fred Harris' Red Top Trio composed by Fred Harris (Organ), Big Joe Burrell (sax) and Louis "Swing " Lee (drums). Both disks came out under two different names, The Highlighters with Fred Harris' Red Tops Organ Trio and Fred Harris' Red Tops Organ Trio vocal by Highlighters.

    The Highlighters aka The Toledos

     After their first single on New Song,  The Highlighters backed Chuck Dockery on "Baby Let's Dance" and "I Just Love You" (New Song 117/118). Chuck Dockery is native of northern Ohio his real name was Charle. Dockery was employed as an insurance salesman and as a bassist for some country artists. Dockery began a solo career when he was presented with the opportunity to record on the New Song blues label of his countryman Porter Roberts. He turned New Song into a rocker label thanks to songs like "Baby let's dance" (1958) or "Rock while we ride" (1960), but with no success he left the music almost totally. 

    The Highlighters aka The Toledos    The Highlighters aka The Toledos
    Chuck Dockery                                                                                                          

    New Song would not last much longer in the business, and after some good album, among which we can highlight the high school "Darling" (1961) by Beverly Bea, would close its doors. The Highlighters's story does not stop there, the group records two tracks, "This Is Our Night" and "John Smith's Body". The single will be released by the Down label, a subsidiary of Gone records, a label founded by George Goldner. It will be published in 1961 under their original name, The Toledos.

    Songs :

    The Highlighters

    Flang Dang Do                                           The Bull



    The Toledos

    This Is Our Night

    Chuck Dockery bb The Highlighters

    Baby Let's Dance

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  •  The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    Dean Barlow

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3) (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Bachelors (4)
    ref The Crickets

    Personnel :

    Dean Barlow (Lead)

    Bill Lindsay (Second Tenor)

    Billy Baines (Bass)

    Ed "Sonny" Jordan (Tenor)

    Waldo Champen (Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Dolores / I Want To Know About Love (Earl 101)

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Baby / Tell Me Now (Earl 102)

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)
    1957 - Dearest One / Through The Years (Onyx 513)
    1957 - Angel / Tell Me Why (Onyx 517)(Never issued)

    Biography :

    Dean Barlow, originally named Grover Barlow, was the one constant through several different versions of the Crickets. He also sang in several other groups and attempted a solo career with a series of singles on the Jay Dee label. Label proprietor Joe Davis was a strong supporter of Barlow, hiring recording engineers time and time again to point microphones in the direction of his hauntingly expressive voice. The third Crickets configuration (Dean Barlow, Bill Lindsay, Bobby Spencer and Freddy Barksdale) stayed together for about a year. Grover Barlow was introduced as "Dean Barlow".

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    The third Crickets group : Barlow, Spencer, Lindsay and Barksdale                                Waldo Champen                                

    He announced and sang his new solo recording ("I'll String Along With You"), which the group didn't even know existed. In spite of this, they did a few more shows together before breaking up definitely.In 1956, Bill Lindsay eventually re-joined Dean Barlow in a new group : The Bachelors, the other members were Billy Baines, Ed "Sonny" Jordan, and Waldo Champen . The new group released two records on the tiny Earl label (owned by Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls and Sammy Lowe). The first was "I Want To Know About Love" (led by Dean) c/w "Dolores". The second was "Baby" c/w "Tell Me Now" (both led by Dean). The Bachelors eventually changed their name to the Montereys, recording four songs for Jerry Winston's Onyx label in early 1957.

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)   The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
                                                                                                                                        Dean Barlow & Bill Lindsay

    Their only Onyx release was "Dearest One" (a duet lead by Dean Barlow and Bill Lindsay), backed with "Through The Years" (fronted by Sonny Jordan) in August 1957 (Onyx 513). "Dearest One" became a regional hit in New York. There was supposed to be a second Montereys record: "Angel" (led by Bill Lindsay), backed with "Tell Me Why" (led by Dean). It was slated to be released as Onyx 517, but for some reason was never issued. These were Dean's last group records.

    Songs :

    The Bachelors (4)

                Dolores                            I Want To Know About Love

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)

      Baby                                                Tell Me Now

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)

       Dearest One                                Through The Years

    Angel                                             Tell Me Why

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  • The Visuals (1)
    The Visuals (L to R) : Rob Farrow, Stuart Magness , Melvin Maron, Anthony Galante


    The Visuals (1) (Brooklyn, New York)

Personnel :

    Robbie Joel Farrow (Lead)

    Anthony "Rocky" Galante (Second Tenor)

    Stuart Magness (First Tenor)

    Melvin Maron (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1962 - The Submarine Race / Maybe You (Poplar 115)
    1963 - My Juanita / A Boy A Girl And A Dream (Poplar 117)
    1963 - Please Don't Be Mad At Me / Blue (Enough To Cry) (Poplar 121/Jason Scott 11)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - Darling We're In Love (Poplar)
    N/A - Devil (Poplar)
    N/A - Just For Tonight (Poplar)
    N/A - Look At The Moon (Poplar)
    N/A - One Little Kiss (Poplar)

    Biography :

    Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, The Visuals were Robbie Joel Farrow (lead), Anthony "Rocky" Galante (second tenor), Stuart Magness  (first tenor) and Melvin Maron (bass). Before he formed the Visuals Robbie Joel Farrow was part of the Corsairs, an unrecorded vocal group composed by Howie Farrow (1st Tenor),Brian Farrow (2nd Tenor),Kenny McLinick (Bass) and Johnny Turco (Lead) and himself (Baritone & Falsetto).

    The Visuals (1)
    The Corsairs (Top) Howie, Brian & Robbie (Bottom) Kenny & Johnny

    The Visuals had 3 singles, all on Poplar between 1962 and 1964. Poplar, founded in New York City in 1962 by Stan Seifer, generally featured doo wop-styled groups, but backed them with often surprisingly sharp early rock arrangements that avoided being derivative by adding in little percussion touches, unusual basslines, and touches of horns. Rocky Galante was born Anthony Galante, on January 5th, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York and with the Visuals earning his first record contract at age 14. Later, he sang vocals for the folk group The Braid. When Rocky came to San Francisco he had not only changed his name but also started his solo career and recorded several albums.

    Songs :

    The Submarine Race                    Maybe You                              My Juanita         

    A Boy A Girl And A Dream             Blue (Enough To Cry)       Please Don't Be Mad At Me

    Darling We're In Love                 Just For Tonight                    Look At The Moon    

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  • (L to R) Tony, Michael, Bob - (Front) Carlo

    Carlo & The Cupids (4) (Fulton, New York)
    ref : The Royal Rockers ???

Personnel :

Carlo Blandina (Lead)

    Michael Iannelli (saxophone, Vocals)

    Bob Babcock (Vocals)

    Tony DiMiglio (Vocals)

Discography :

    Carlo & The Cupids (4)
    1958 - Teenage Blues / Crazy Rock (Parker 501/Judd 1007)
    The Royal Rockers
    1959 - Where Can She Be / Scramble ( Jimmy Stevens) (Darl 114)

    Biography :

    Singing group from Fulton formed in 1957 and composed by Carlo Blandina, Michael Iannelli, Bob Babcock and Tony DiMiglio. Besides singing, they also play musical instrument. In November 1958, Carlo & the Cupids recorded two tunes. The numbers are "Teenage Blues" and "Crazy Rock". The single was released on the Parker label out of Broadway in December, re-released on The Judd Label later. The Judd label was owned by Sam Phillips' brother Judd Phillips. The label was established in Sheffield, Alabama, in 1958, and continued operations until 1961.

    (l to r) Carlo Blandina, Michael Iannelli, Bob Babcock and Tony DiMiglio

    Carlo & the Cupids were one of the warm up groups at the Meadow Brook Theater in Cedar Grove NJ followed by the Everly Brothers, Frankie Avalon & Fabian. They performed on channel 13 "Jocko's Rocket Ship": American Bandstand's competition. In 1959/60 a single by the Royal Rockers was released on Darl Records with a picture sleeve of Carlo & the Cupids. In fact "Scramble" is a rockabilly tune by Jimmy Stevens. The other side "Where Can She Be" is a ballad but it's not sure whether it's Carlo & the Cupids.

    Songs :

    Carlo & The Cupids (4)

    Teenage Blues                                  Crazy Rock

    The Royal Rockers

     Where Can She Be


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