• The Five (V) Cashmeres
    The V Cashmeres (1961)

    The Five (V) Cashmeres (Cleveland, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Paul Pestello (Lead)

    Discpgraphy :

    1962 - Walkin Through The Jungle / The Hitch Hiker (Golden Leaf 108)

    Biography :

    vocal group from Cleveland fronted by Paul Pestello. The V Cashmeres recorded  "Walkin Through The Jungle" b/w "The Hitch Hiker" released by Golden Leaf Records owned by Gerry Lee.

    The Five (V) Cashmeres    The Five (V) Cashmeres
                                                                                                              The V Cashmeres (1959)

    Songs :

          The Hitch Hiker                              Walkin Through The Jungle



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