• The Intervals (2) (Los angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    La Valle Lee (Lead / Baritone)

    Cleve O'Dear (Tenor)

    Denise Perrier (Soprano)

    Lamonte Lee (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - Try To Realize / Love Me Sweet (Ima 820)
    1958 - Please Come Back To Me / Don't Leave Me (Ad 103)
    1958 - Side Street / I Still Love That Man (Ad 104/Apt 25019)
    1961 - I Envy These Things / What Good Am I Without You (West Coast 2)


    Biography :

    The Intervals was put together by Selina Rigmaiden at The Jones Artist Agency, managed by Chuck Greer on Haskell Street in Berkeley, sometime in 1958. Selina picked some of the Bay Area's best current talent to form a vocal group who would cover the gamut of Jazz, Pop and R&B. She acquired the services of Denise Perrier, a versatile soprano soloist and lead singer from Los Angeles who replaced an earlier female songster who did not quit work out.

    (left to right) La Valle Lee, Lamonte Lee, Denise Perrier & Cleve O'Dear

    Denise was born in New Orleans, moved to Baton. Rouge, then on to California when she was five years old. She lived in Oakland and then in Albany where she attended school. In high school she developed her singing and dancing talents. Denise was singing and dancing in a Haitian and Afro-Cuban dance troup when Selina picked her. The other three singers in the group were in place when Denise came aboard. One ofthese was veteran first lead tenor form New York, the late Cleve. O'Dear. This leaves the Lee brothers, La Monte, bass and lead, and La Valle, baritone and lead.

    Cleve O'Dear (top) La Valle Lee,  Denise Perrier & Lamonte Lee

     The Intervals appeared at The California Hotel, Esther's Orbit Room in Oakland ( where they appeared most often), at both o'f Don Barksdalels Oakland and Berkeley nights clubs, The Civic Auditorium at the University of the Pacific, The Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco (with Louis Armstrong), a two-week engagement at The New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas (on Armstrong's recommendation), The stardust Motel in Los Altos, the New Fack, Mark Hopkins Hotel and Station "J" in San francisco and many More…

    Cleve O'Dear , Denise Perrier, Lamonte Lee & La Valle Lee                                                                                              

    The Intervals stayed together for six years during which time they traveled to New York, hollywood and Miami. They also made appearances on the Steve Allen show. The Intervals cut three records, two for the Ad Label and one for West Coast. By ealy1964 work for aspiring black vocal groups in the Bay Aera was in decline,. The Intervals as a group Broke up and returned to separate careers in music.

    Songs :

    Please Come Back To Me                Side Street                I Still Love That Man

    I Envy These Things         What Good Am I Without You


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