• The Souvenirs (2) aka The Mementos

    The Souvenirs (2) (San Bernardino, CA.)
    aka The Mementos


    Personnel :

    Rosetta Lawrence

    Alvin Williams

    Norm Williams

    Joseph ...


    Discography :

    The Souvenirs (2)

    Singles :
    1962 - The Bump / The Worm (Reprise 20065)
    1962 - The Real McCoy / The Watusi (Reprise 20066)

    Lp :
    1962 -  Everybody's Doin' It with The Souvenirs (R/R9 6027)
    Slow Twistin' / Mashed Potatoes / Popeye / Hully Gully / New Continental / Watusi / Bump / Real McCoy / Rocheroo / Mop / Mash / Worm

    The Souvenirs (2) aka The Mementos

    The Mementos
    1962 - Do The Mashed Potatoes / The Watusi (Strip) (Reprise 20091)


    Discography :

    Reprise Records was started by Frank Sinatra in 1960 as a vehicle for his own recordings, and the recordings of his Las Vegas pals, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. In 1961, Arranger, songwriter, and musician Steve Venet under the pseudonym of Steven Venetoulis (He also used sometimes Kathie Venetoulis) produced and arranged an Album for the Souvenirs.

    The Souvenirs (2) aka The Mementos

    This Vocal group from San Bernardino, CA. comprised Rosetta Lawrence, Brothers Alvin & Norm Williams (who wrote "The Real McCoy") as well as a fourth member named Joseph. "Everybody's Doin' It with The Souvenirs" is a mix of instrumental as well as vocal tracks of which three singles will be extracted almost at the same time: two under their name and the third under the name of "The Mementos": probably not to have too many single from the same group at the same time.

    Songs :

    *** The Bump ****


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