• The Pyramids (3)  

    The Pyramids (3) (Detroit)


    Personnel :

    Vernon Williams (Lead)

    Bobby Jones (First Tenor)

    Robert Gibson (Second Tenor)

    Damond Rockland (Baritone)

    Norman Worthy (Bass)


    Discography :

    1962 - I'm The Playboy / Crying (Sonbert 82861/Cub 9112)
    1962 - What Is Love / Shakin Fit (VeeJay 489)


    Biography :

    The Royal Holidays disbanded in the early 1960’s. But Vernon Williams (lead singer and writer of most of the Royal Holidays material) was often part of the Rayber Voices, who backed up many a solo artist for Berry Gordy's fledgling Motown operation in the late 50's and early 60's. In 1961 Vernon joined the Satintones. Vernon was on a roll, and following his tenure with the Satintones in the early 60's he went on to sing and record with yet another group, this one called the Pyramids.

    The Pyramids (3)       The Pyramids (3)

    The Pyramids recorded "Crying" and "I Am the Playboy" which was first released in 1962 on the Sonbert label, which was owned by Sonny Sanders and Robert Bateman. The label name was derived from combining parts of the first names of the two owner/producers Son-ny and Ro-bert. The song was re-issued on the more well known Cub label, also in '62. These titles were recorded in the Continental recording studios on 12th Street in Detroit. Following this release, the Pyramids found themselves recording a single for VeeJay , "Shakin' Fit" which Vernon co-wrote, backed with "What Is Love".

    The Pyramids (3)
    (L to R) Bobby Jones, Norm Worthy, Damon Rockland, onlooker & Vernon Williams.

    This recording also came out in 1962. The Vernon Williams Pyramids group is not affiliated with any other Pyramids groups recording around this time. The Pyramids disbanded in early 1963 when Vernon was drafted into the service.


    Songs :

    I'm The Playboy                   Crying                             What Is Love

    Shakin Fit

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